• Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P Motherboard Review

    Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P Motherboard Review

    In this review we looked at the Gigabyte X99 Gaming 5P. This motherboard is part of their Champion Series using a special OC socket and includes a few other overclocking and gaming features.

  • Computex Bonus Ramblings Editors Optical Switches and More

    Computex Bonus Ramblings Editors Optical Switches and More

    In this special bonus extra episode we get to hear some of the juicy bits that were cut from the main show.

  • Be Quiet Silent Base 800 Case Review

    Be Quiet Silent Base 800 Case Review

    Be quiet! has been a favorite brand around the labs for some time. Their focus on premium case cooling has produced some of the best heat sinks and fans on the market today. Now be quiet! is branching out into case design with their Silent Base 800 case.

  • Computex Predictions Revisited

    Computex Predictions Revisited

    In this episode Dennis gives us his debrief of the exciting things he saw at Computex 2015 and is finally able to say his show predictions came true.

  • Is Computex worth it?

    Is Computex worth it?

    Computex has been a yearly trek for me since 2003 and I have seen the show transform from something initially sales focused and market driven to a fashion show where flash and pizzazz win out in the end.

  • Computex 2015 Gigabyte

    Computex 2015 Gigabyte

    The Gigabyte suite contained a good number of high-end systems, casemods, show girls and overclocking. Given that most everything on display had already been released I didn’t pay too much attention expect to find the new Z170 motherboards and famed GTX 980 Ti.

  • Computex 2015 Silverstone

    Computex 2015 Silverstone

    The case is still using the rotated motherboard design but instead of concentrating on high airflow air cooling they have started embracing the AIO watercooler and making the case much narrower than before.

  • Computex 2015 Lian Li Visit

    Computex 2015 Lian Li Visit

    The cases are also a bit more expensive due to the materials used and man hours required to ensure a good product.

  • Gigabyte X99 Champion Challenge and GTA:5 Mods

    Gigabyte X99 Champion Challenge and GTA:5 Mods

    In this episode the duo look at the Gigabyte X99 Champion Challenge competition on HWBot and highlight 10 great mods for GTA:5

  • Computex 2015 Noctua Visit

    Computex 2015 Noctua Visit

    One of the highlights of the booth this year was the new A-Series fan design that may not be the quietest design or move the most air but it does provide more static pressure and airflow within the normal operating range (eg, mid RPM) than any other Noctua fan.

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  • TUF Tested - Enthusiast Ready - ASUS X99 Sabertooth @ HiTech Legion

    Published: Sunday, June 28, 2015 | By: Dennis

    Now here is a quote that makes you want to hear the back story.

    In the last 3 years performance wise the difference is so minor unless you run statistical benchmarks that break things down to the Nano-second you will never notice a difference.

    I have a Sabertooth from the P67 days and aside from the additional fan you could install I didn't find the heat shielding to be all that beneficial, in fact it was a little annoying since the PCI Express tabs were often under the plastic shroud and just beyond finger reach.  The added sensors were great if you were into that sort of thing but, I suspect a good majority of users wouldn't even know they were there.

    The review at Hi Tech Legion, if you can call it that, is looking at the X99 Sabertooth and is trying to tell us something.  Based on the clickbait quote you'd assume the worse but it seems they would have liked Wifi.

  • Razer Firefly RGB Backlit Hard Gaming Mousepad @ Custom PC Review

    Published: Sunday, June 28, 2015 | By: Dennis

    There comes a time in every gamers life when cloth and plastic mousepads are just not enough.  Maybe you need more slickness so you add teflon skates for your mouse or maybe you need more resistance so you add weights.  Of course if your mouse is perfect then its time to upgrade the pad and while you are at it, why not add some lights??

    One day, a Razer engineer took his hand off his mouse and reached for his Chroma’ed out coffee mug. As he slowly sipped his delicious brew that may or may not contain alcohol, the dazzling lights of his mug converged with the blank blueprint on his desk in perfect harmony. The engineer’s eyes glowed (with excitement)...

    Plastic with microtextures can make for a very slick surface much like the RatPadz from days gone by.  Personally I think lights is a little too much but, I'm sure there is a good number of folks thinking, YES!

  • Throw Back Thursday: DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR

    Published: Thursday, June 25, 2015 | By: Dennis

    #TBT Time to throw back 10 years to the year 2005 when DFI launched the LanParty nF4 SLI-DR motherboard.  This is arguably one the first SLI ready motherboards on the market and was so popular with the overclocking and enthusiast crowd that it spawned several refreshes including one with high-quality components.  The board allowed you to split the PCI Express lanes using a series of jumpers that were removed with a special tool.  Other companies used a card and eventually digital switches controlled by the BIOS.

    The DFI LanParty also featured an electrically separated audio module that was designed to reduce audio interference.  The chip wasn't that good but the effort is something we see on modern motherboards. 

  • GALAX NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition

    Published: Monday, June 22, 2015 | By: Dennis

    This seems like the right way to offer up a limited edition video card.  The cost is a little high but to be expected given that it is designed for overclocking and doesn’t appear to come with a heatsink.

    As an owner of a GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition, you receive access to several privileged VIP extras as well. You will be provided a signature name card by GALAX in recognition of your elite status as an LN2 Edition owner, and this status includes exclusive access to consultation services and technical support directly with R&D engineers and overclock experts.

    Only one batch of the GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition will ever be produced, and this small quantity will be made available via preorder only for a very short time. GALAX advises any OC enthusiasts seeking to claim a card from this extremely limited edition release to place their orders as promptly as possible in order to secure their place on a very short list of VIPs to own the only production LN2 graphics card in existence.

    What I really like about the whole situation is that GALAX is offering up this card to the general public instead of building a few and sending them out to a select group of people.  I guess the "select group" is now anyone with deep pockets but at least nobody can complain that GALAX didn't try.

    BTW the VRM on this card is considerably larger than on the EVGA Classified KPE which should help with high end LN2 overclocking but that doesn't say much about the quality (or ASIC) of the GPU.

  • ZOTAC ZBOX P1320 Mini-PC Review @ Vortez

    Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 | By: Dennis

    Being a hardware enthusiast is more than gaming on the most powerful hardware or rocking the fastest SSD it is enjoying computer hardware with a purpose and then trying to make it better.  Of course, sometimes that sounds better in your head than on paper.

    Many small devices require a custom built operating system to match the diminutive size but not this one because the P1320 comes with a fully functional, Windows 8.1 operating system. Nothing has been trimmed away from this OS other than 64bit functionality. At its heart there is an Intel Z3735F quad-core processor running at 1.33GHz (upto 1.8GHz) which also provides the shared graphics. 2GB of DDR3L-1333 memory is available along with a 32GB of storage space (expandable via SD card). Not too shabby for a device that is smaller your average smart phone!

    I have yet to physically use a ZBOX but have seen the in action.  The larger ones are game ready while the smaller ones chug through spreadsheets like an office admin late for a date.  On the surface these trade show demos seem legit but I never know exactly why.  One of these times I'll have to find out.

  • Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti G1 Gaming 6 GB @ techPowerUp

    Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 | By: Dennis

    Saw this card at Computex and am actually a little suprised to see a review of it posted so quickly.

    Gigabyte's GTX 980 G1 Gaming comes with a large overclock out of the box, which lets the card surpass GeForce GTX Titan X in performance, at a much lower price. The cooler is also better than the reference heatsink and avoids the 84°C thermal limit at all times. It also turns off its fans in idle and light gaming.

    By the looks of it the card is pretty good and keeps the GPU cool under load and overclocking isn't too bad either. 

  • Computex 2015 Wrap Up

    Published: Sunday, June 14, 2015 | By: Dennis

    As many of you know Computex started June 2nd and the hellish week put me behind in getting my coverage posted AND by the looks of it there really wasn't that much Computex news coming out of Taipei anyway which is a huge disappointment.

    I'd like to say I'm not surprised, of of the editors I ran into a good number of them were from sites at both extremes of the spectrum,  (eg large sites and small sites) leaving the juicy middle virtually empty.  This middle is where we normally see the bulk of news stories and with that gone it makes you wonder if there is any journalistic future for Computex.

    This will be a major talking point in the next Hardware Asylum Podcast so be sure to subscribe to know when that episode drops.

    I'll be posting the last three Computex related articles today and then will be getting back to my normal routine of reviews and news. 

  • Computex 2015 EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Classified Kingpin Edition

    Published: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 | By: Dennis

    This isn’t so much a daily write up but rather a super excited, “I have to get this posted” sort of thing.

    As expected with the launch of the GTX 980 Ti EVGA has been refreshing their video card line to accommodate the new chip.  The niche flagship is this the GTX 980 Ti Classified KPE (Kingpin Edition).  The card features the same VRM found on the 980 Classified with a special bin for LN2 overclocking and a few “warming” features to ensure the best performance when the card is running on Liquid Nitrogen.

    The card features a redesigned ACX based heatsink with copper plating over the entire heatsink and then covered with an ornate plastic shroud.  Under the heatsink you’ll find a chrome plated heatspreader which is then further reinforced with an EVGA blackplate.

    For those of you planning to run this card on air you will of course get exceptional performance but keep in mind that the “special bin” means the ASIC for the GPU is quite poor and will limit above ambient overclocking which is good since when the chip gets colder it should scale quite well.

  • Computex Starts Today June 2nd 2015 Taiwan Time

    Published: Monday, June 01, 2015 | By: Dennis

    One of the biggest computer hardware shows in the world starts in just a few hours.  Per the usual I will try to have daily show reports posted highlighting the cool stuff I see at each of the vendors.  Also, keep in mind that while some “go-getters” huff around 50+ pounds of gear to bring you show coverage I’m simply armed with a notebook (the paper kind), my Canon DSLR and a Samsung S4 so there might be a little “lag” in getting things posted.

    On the positive I have a FULL schedule planned this year including a good mix of old and new hardware vendors and will most likely miss a few I should go see.  Some of the few I am most excited to visit include: EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, NVIDIA, Zotac, DeepCool, InWin, beQuiet, Corsair and Silverstone to name a few.

    If there is anything you wish for me to see in person fire off an email or send a message via any of the Social media affiliations linked and set forth on this website  (usually @HardwareAsylum, #HardwareAsylum +HardwareAsylum, you get the gist)

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