Welcome to the New Hardware Asylum

  • Greetings and welcome to Hardware Asylum (http://www.hardwareasylum.com) a site dedicated to Enthusiast Computer Hardware Review and just about anything having to do with your computer. This site has been established by avid computer enthusiasts with backgrounds in professional gaming, overclocking, system building and even web programming and design. Combined the core review team has over 30 years of hardware review experience and is hoping to share their knowledge with our readers.

  • Why Hardware Asylum?

    One of the many terms to describe a hardware enthusiast is "Crazy" and while we can assure you that none of us are actually insane that doesn't mean we are committed to using our computers like everyone else. As this metaphor suggests Hardware Asylum is a safe haven for computer users looking to do more with their computers either it be better gaming experience, high-performance upgrades or even extreme overclocking you'll find a community here dedicated to helping you reach your goal.

    Building an enthusiast level machine isn't an easy task. To do this properly you'll need a fair amount of money, time and dedication but, as with anything there are different degrees to this hobby and that is where Enthusiast Hardware Review comes in. In the majority of our reviews we will be looking at computer hardware designed for the hardware enthusiast and someone who wants more than a daily driver. These products may include things like extreme overclocking support, enhanced onboard audio, 4-way GPUs or simply be something a unique and never seen before.

    While these products may encompass our core values we understand that our audience may not have the same "If you have to ask it is too much" attitude and needs to consider things like a budget or a specific upgrade path. For those readers we plan to cover a wide variety of computer related gear spanning from small things like cooling gear and cases to complete gaming and workstatation systems that come pre-assembled. Our quest is simple; we will bring you product reviews from experienced professionals in exchange for helping make your computer experience better than before.

  • What is Hardware Asylum

    Our website layout is divided up into five major categories, Reviews, Articles, Prodcast, Gallery and News with the bulk of our content residing in either Reviews or Articles. Reviews will hold all of our product reviews and features its own set of subcategories depending on the product type. (eg Motherboards, Video Cards, Cooling, Cases, Systems, etc) Articles will feature items like Extreme Overclocking, Trade show visits, Editorials and generally anything we create that isn't a direct review. Each month the Hardware Asylum editors sit down to talk tech in the form of a audio podcast. You will find the latest episode in the Podcast section along with links to past episodes. The only thing hardware enthusiasts like more than using the latest tech is checking out photos of tech they don't have. Our Gallery section is where you will go to see all the photos. Finally we come to News. As the name suggests this section is where you go to see what is happening in the computer hardware world.