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  • How to Secure Your Computer Case - Quick and Easy
  • How to Secure Your Computer Case - Quick and Easy



    So you have created the ultimate computer system and used only the best components your money can buy.  Your wire runs are perfect and even added a few lights for dramatic effect.  Thing is you are set to head out for college in a week or might be attending a local LAN event and want to make sure nobody opens your case to mess with stuff.

    Most modern gaming cases come with a way for you to lock the side panels.  This might be a metal loop which is stamped into the metal or an actual tab you install.  Either way it gives you some assurance that nobody will get into your case without the key or some big tools. 

    The Illusion of Security

    The important thing to remember is that most computer hardware security is designed to be a deterrent, like those blinking lights you see attached to car alarms.  Light blinks so the casual door opener thief will move on.  Of course for every precaution there is an escalated level someone may go to get your stuff.  For instance, If you use Torx head screws on the side panel and the thief only has a Philips they will move on or come back later with the correct bit.  If you physically lock the side panel then the thief has two options, bring something to break the lock or steal the whole box.  If you do all that and lock the PC to a desk with a security cables it might be enough to encourage the thief to leave it alone. 

    The bottom line is:  If someone wants your stuff they will find a way to get it.  It will be your job to make it difficult for them.

    I recently attended a local LAN event and instead of bringing my main machine I decided to put together a little something just for the event.  The specs aren’t all that important but for arguments sake there was about $3,000 worth of hardware in the case I wanted to make sure it stayed there.

    Unfortunately for me the Silverstone Raven 3 has no real security features.  So, I created my own.

    As I alluded to before hardware security is only as strong as the weakest link and while my security solution is extremely simple it resides on the level of specialized tools or resorting to taking entire chassis.  Lucky for me the LAN had a hardware curfew and with the case being quite large so the risk of it walking off was quite slim.

    My mod is extremely simple and somewhat permanent.  For me this is a temporary situation so it would be buttoned up for a few days and then reverted back to normal.   That isn't to say it couldn't remain that way depending on how your particular build was setup.

    Let’s begin