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  • NZXT H500i @ TechPowerUp

    I have noticed a trend in case design lately and I'm sure many of you have as well.  The trend is pretty simple and involves the power supply (PSU).  It would seem that people don't know what to do with it.

    Sure we have custom cable sleeves and fancy RGB lights but when it comes to the case the trend is to cover the PSU.  Basement panels are a popular mod to cover the PSU and if you are into cutting your own side window you can simply exclude that section in your cutting.

    Well the mfgs have caught on to this little trick and are releasing cases with two sections.  you have the top part with all the expensive components, lights and water and a bottom part with the PSU.  Guess which one gets the glass?

    The NZXT H500 and H500i present a smaller version of the H700 chassis but employ the same steel construction. On top of that, the "i" variant features a built-in NZXT CAM module. With their retail grade fans, well executed features the H500 cases are surprisingly affordable and have the potential to favorites for both end users and system integrators.

    Some people really like this case.  Personally I'm on the fence, sure it has some good features but it is a square, no curves, no bends nothing to make it unique.  Cept maybe the silly bar running down the middle.

  • Phanteks announce the release of the new Eclipse P350X

    Walnut, California, May 23rd, 2018 - Phanteks is introducing a new compact case to the Eclipse lineup, the P350X. The P350X brings new design with an amazingly affordable price. Clean interior design makes installation easy while the integrated Digital RGB lines on the exterior accentuates the case.

    The P350X offers high airflow capability, E-ATX motherboard clearance, liquid cooling support, and high-end configurations within the compact design. The case features integrated Digital RGB lighting profiles that allows you to personalize to your style. The P350X offers more capabilities than other midtowers without compromising the price.

    Phanteks Eclipse P350X will be available in two color options:
    Black and Black/White.

  • SPECgpc releases SPECviewperf 13

    Major new version of SPECviewperf benchmark features new and updated viewsets, redesigned GUI, and improved scoring and reporting methods

    GAINESVILLE, Va., May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The SPEC Graphics Performance Characterization Group (SPECgpc) has released an all-new version of its SPECviewperf benchmark that features new volume visualization viewsets for energy and medical applications, a redesigned GUI, improved scoring and reporting methods, and updated viewsets to support more recent versions of the applications on which they are based.

    The new benchmark is available for free downloading to everyone except vendors of computers and related products and services that are not members of the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (SPEC/GWPG). Non-member computer product and service vendors can purchase the benchmark for $2,500. SPEC/GWPG members include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Nvidia.

    Reflecting real-world performance
    SPECviewperf software measures the 3D graphics performance of systems running under the OpenGL and Direct X application programming interfaces. The benchmark’s workloads, called viewsets, represent graphics content and behavior extracted from professional applications, without the need to install the applications themselves.

    Applications represented by viewsets in SPECviewperf 13 include 3ds Max and Maya for media and entertainment; Catia, Creo, NX and SolidWorks for CAD/CAM; Showcase for visualization; and two datasets representing professional energy and medical applications.

    SPECviewperf 13 is a comprehensive upgrade of previous versions of the benchmark. Medical and energy viewsets incorporate new models and raycasting for volume visualization; the Maya viewset features new models based on the SPECapc for Maya 2017 benchmark; and the Creo viewset has been updated with fresh application traces. All other viewsets have been recompiled with minor changes.

    Other major updates in SPECviewperf 13 include:

    • Support for 4K resolution displays.
    • New reporting methods, including JSON output that enables more robust and flexible result parsing.
    • A new user interface that will be standardized across all SPEC/GWPG benchmarks.
    • New workloads and scoring that reflect the range of activities found in real-world applications.
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

    "We've spent thousands of hours debating, coding, testing, measuring, analyzing and re-debating in order to determine the most relevant aspects of applications represented in SPECviewperf's viewsets, then deciding how best to measure and report their performance," says Alex Shows, SPECgpc chair. "As a result, we believe that graphics performance improvements observed in SPECviewperf 13 for a particular system configuration will relate well to those seen in the real world."

    Available for immediate download
    The SPECviewperf 13 benchmark is available for immediate download on the SPEC website. It is supported under Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit RS3 or later. Results from SPECviewperf 13 are not comparable to those from earlier versions.

    About SPEC
    In its 30th year, SPEC is a non-profit organization that establishes, maintains and endorses standardized benchmarks and tools to evaluate performance for the newest generation of computing systems. Its membership comprises more than 120 leading computer hardware and software vendors, educational institutions, research organizations, and government agencies worldwide.

  • Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition Review @ Vortez

    There was a time when Thermaltake was the king of copying.  In a way that is still true however they have gotten quite good at creating orginial case designs that may or may not have been inspired but other cases in the market.

    The new View series, from what I can tell, is a ground up orginal that is so "out there" you have to wonder what was the inspiration.

    The View 37 RGB Edition is an E-ATX mid-tower that makes use of a Gull-Wing design. By having a Gull-Wing side panel, admiration for a customized configuration can now be viewed from another perspective. Inside this case, Thermaltake also has a few tricks up their sleeve with some subtle alterations to how the graphics card and radiators are mounted.

    Be sure to check out my review of the View 71 and View 31.  These cases are "View" editions of previous designs, now with more tempered glass.

  • Patriot launches ultimate TRINITY 3-in-1 adaptive USB Flash Drive

    FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, May 2nd, 2018 - PATRIOT, a global leader in performance memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals, and flash storage solutions, today announced the brand new 3-in-1 USB Flash Drive, the TRINITY, a ground-breaking design of an adaptive USB Flash Drive. Users with multiple personal electronics devices such as a Smartphone, tablet, and laptop encounter a fundamental problem: “How do you move data between these devices?” Consumers have demand for multi-platform data storage and it is only effective if it can be used inexpensively and with great efficiency. Patriot Memory understands this inconvenience and has proposed an ultimate solution to consumers.

    “Patriot Memory always pushes the limit when it comes to how our products can benefit the end users, that’s why the TRINITY drive has been created, and its creative and unique 3-in-1 design should be second to none in the market,” said Roger Shinmoto, Vice President of Product Development. The TRINITY USB Flash Drive features a USB Type-A, Type-C, and micro-B connectors all on a single USB drive housing. You don’t need to use any adapter cables as this drive comes with three of the most common USB formats on a single tiny flash drive. This allows TRINITY users to store and transfer data easily between different devices without any hassle.

    In addition, TRINITY also supports OTG (on-the-go) for Andriod devices. It allows users to access TRINITY with any of their Andriod devices OTG without downloading any external drivers or software. It is fully plug-and-play compatible.

    Nowadays, many users keep a huge number of audio and photos files on their smartphone and use it as their personal data center. Sadly, if they lose their smartphone or it becomes damaged there is a chance all of their data can be lost. TRINITY USB Flash Drive is available in 3 major capacities, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB which mirror most from their smartphone. This allows users an easy way to back up their important files to a laptop or tablet and do so with a seamless connection.

    The Patriot TRINITY 3-in-1 USB Flash Drive will be available to the public for purchase in May 2018 on the Patriot webstore(US only),  Amazon,  Newegg , and various retailers. MSRP is 32GB at USD $27.99; 64GB at USD $38.99 and 128GB at USD $69.99.  

  • ACGAM AG6X Mechanical Keyboard @ TechPowerUp

    I am a keyboard snob.  Not so much that I require a certain switch or wil only touch boards from a certain mfg.  No, I prefer a "natural" keyboard, ergo if you will and one that I have grown accustomed to over the past 20 years.

    Yes I am speaking of the Microsoft Natural Elite. 

    I see everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, getting into the keyboard business trying to offer up a better keyboard.  Some figured out that putting the letters on the edge of keys would prevent them from wearing off.  Thing is my MS Natural is over 10 years old and still shows the letters on all of the keys.  So, their attempt at making a better keyboard was to cover up a shoddy product.

    TechPowerUp is looking at the ACGAM AG6X.  I'm not sure what that means but the picture shows a small, compact, little 10 key less (that is without btw) keyboard without any edges.  My wrists just kringe looking at the beautiful glam photo with a reflection effect applied.

    ACGAM is a new company aiming to make a big name for itself with the AG6X keyboard, a small 60% form factor keyboard. Featuring well-thought-out programming, onboard customization for controls and backlighting, a software driver that adds to the user experience, and excellent value for money, this is a keyboard you should definitely check out.

    Seems like they put in the work but, is it any good??  Maybe check out the review to find out more.

  • Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic chassis @ Guru3D

    Wait what?  Lian Li is making aluminum cases again?  Readers of Hardware Asylum will remember that the only Lain Li cases that the company can afford to send out for review are part of their mainstream line.  And, by mainstream I am talking "cheap" designed for people going to newegg and sorting by lowest price and picking the first thing on the list.

    Yes, it really is that bad!

    In this review Gu3D is looking at the 011 Dynamic which is taking the standard Lain Li square and adding glass to the front and side.  This allows you to see your build from a different, and more dynamic, perspective.

    We review the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic. Lian-Li parts from being aluminum outfitted, and overhauled the chassis design combining it with a left-side and front-side mounted tempered glass panel. Will this PC case will set a new standard in the industry?

    EVGA started this trend to re-think how a chassis was supposed to be viewed.  Traditionally a case has a front which is opposite of the PSU and I/O.  The side of the case has typically had a window so you can see your build but was never intended to be a show piece.  With the death of the external drive bay there is no need for a front and if your case sits on the left side of your desk you can't see anything.

    Making the left side the new "front" really makes sense, even if I don't agree.

  • TEAMGROUP Announces the T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance DDR4 Memory

    April 24, 2018, Taipei_ TEAMGROUP, the world’s leading memory brand, today officially announces the launch of the TUF Gaming Alliance certified T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance memory, which is strictly tested by motherboard leader ASUS. After the cooperative launch with ASUS ROG, T-FORCE DARK ROG has created a trend around the world. Now once again, with creativity and ingenuity, TEAMGROUP design team adds TUF’s unique military camouflage pattern on the heat spreader. T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance memory is definitely gamer’s best comrade on the battlefield of gaming or pursuit of extreme overclocking.

    T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance has passed strict burn in test held by ASUS. With clock frequency of up to 3600MHz, it offers consumers an experience of high-speed performance and a hardware with unique style. The memory is both distinctive and eye catching. With complete coverage design, the area of the high efficiency forged heat spreader is extended to the top and the two sides to provide memory a complete coverage of protection and enhance the radiating performance, so the system is able to maintain a longtime stable operation. The appearance is designed with unique military camouflage pattern. T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance’s exclusive asymmetrical cutting is most suitable for gamers who love military style design.

    T-FORCE VULCAN TUF Gaming Alliance series supports Intel XMP 2.0. It is only one click away to experience the high-speed sensation of overclocking. It is not only energy saving but the low working voltage can also reduce the temperature and the heat generated to offer the high speed running memory a stable, longtime operation and to show a barrier-breaking performance.

    With strong research and development capability, TEAMGROUP has acquired the certifications of TUF Gaming Alliance and ROG Certified respectively. T-FORCE gaming memory is strictly tested by ASUS. With Asus motherboard, users can have the entire top gaming hardware at once to fully enjoy an extreme gaming and entertainment experience.

  • Titus&Wayne launches Luft Qi filter-free air purifier on Indiegogo

    Utilizes UV LED technology with nano-photocatalyst through an IP protected reaction chamber
    Beverage can size. 6 color variations available. Pledges start $79

    TAOYUAN, TAIWAN. April 24, 2018: Titus&Wayne, a Taiwanese startup founded in October 2016 based on material science and chemical engineering to develop new and innovative products for the future, excitedly announced their first product, the Luft Qi filter-free air purifier, officially launches a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo starting on April 24th.

    Pairing the engineering and development backgrounds between Titus Chang and Wayne Chein for a fully integrated LED experience using nano-photocatalysis technology, with Luft Qi, the two have created a totally new kind of air purifying experience. Luft means “Air” in German and used to describe space or breath. Qi (pronounced “chee”) - literally means “air, breath” in Mandarin Chinese. In traditional Chinese culture, “Qi” is described as “vital life force.” By balancing the flow of Qi, all the discomforts will be eliminated. Luft Qi is designed in the spirit of Qi, offering fresh, clean air by eliminating airborne pollutants.

    “As our first innovative product, we are launching the release in accordance with a crowdfunding campaign to help spread the word,” said Chang, CoFounder of Titus&Wayne. “Luft Qi is a filter-free air purifier that utilizes the latest UV LED technology together with nano-photocatalyst through an IP protected reaction chamber. It’s never been done before. Simply plug the Luft Qi air purifier into a USB charger power port, and you’re all set.”

    Luft Qi has a 360-degree air intake, a patented nano-reactor, and comprehensive air cleaning at all times. It takes in the surrounding air and pollutants from every angle. A chemical reaction is created when the patented nano-reactor is activated by UV LED light. Pollutants are broken down into harmless molecules. Clean air is dispersed with only harmless molecules such as water. It is the first compact air purifier of its kind using nanotechnology that destroys mold, airborne bacteria, formaldehyde, viruses, and toxic chemicals, using absolutely no filters.

    “Although traditional HEPA filters can trap bacteria and mold, they are also perfect places for these microorganisms to grow,” said Chein, CoFounder of Titus&Wayne. “No larger than a beverage can, this new air purifying concept will go unnoticed in any home or location.”

    “This air purifier is designed for anyone who suffers from allergies, fatigue, or dizziness, as well as those living in old homes, or homes with unwanted smells,” said Chang. “It’s an effective agent when battling the airborne illnesses that can cause significant harm to our loved ones today. Spread the word on the official launch of our forthcoming campaign and consider investing in quality air.”

    The Indiegogo campaign officially launches at 8AM EST on April 24th with an MSRP at $169 and super early bird tickets at $79. $25,000 funding goal. Total 6 color variations available, Bright White + Silver Ring, Bright White + Maroon Ring, Bright White + Iron Black, Pink, Aqua, and Wood.

    Watch the video and learn how Luft Qi works:

    For more information about the crowdfunding campaign, visit:

  • 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors Released

    Available Worldwide Today, Turbo-Charged 12nm ‘Zen+’ processor delivers the highest multithreaded performance in its class plus advanced enthusiast features and a smarter platform

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Apr. 19, 2018 — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced the global availability of its 2nd Generation Ryzen™ Desktop processors, starting with four models optimized for gamers, creators, and hardware enthusiasts: Ryzen 7 2700X, Ryzen 7 2700, Ryzen 5 2600X, and Ryzen 5 2600 processors. Using the world’s first 12nm process technology, these 2nd Gen Ryzen processors can offer up to 15% higher gaming performance than 1st Gen Ryzen processors, while delivering the highest multiprocessing performance you can get on a mainstream desktop PC, and enhanced capabilities including Precision Boost 2 and Extended Frequency Range 2 (XFR 2), an included Wraith Cooler, unlocked performance accessed with the new Ryzen™ Master Utility, and more.

    “Last year we started changing the PC industry with the introduction of our first wave of Ryzen processors – delivering more performance, features, and choice to our customers than before. Our 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs continue this pursuit by raising the standards for enthusiast gamers and creators,” said Jim Anderson, senior vice president and general manager, Computing and Graphics Business Group, AMD. “With this launch we’re also demonstrating that we are just getting started, that we are committed to delivering a multi-generational roadmap of leadership high-performance processors that will drive innovation and competition into the industry for years to come.”

    Building on the original award-winning 2017 “Zen” architecture, the 2nd Gen Ryzen processors combine the improved “Zen+” core with other major performance, feature, and platform advancements.

    Performance Advances
    The new “Zen+” core increases IPC and reduces both cache and memory latencies compared to 1st Gen Ryzen processors. AMD’s SenseMI technology is updated with Precision Boost 2, which enables 2nd Gen Ryzen processors to intelligently analyze the workload and computing environment and contributes in delivering the highest multiprocessing performance in their classes.

    Higher effective clock speeds on all 2nd Gen Ryzen processor cores can improve the performance of Ryzen processors in popular real-world applications like games, creativity and productivity applications. Gaming experiences are beautifully smooth across popular resolutions from 1080p Ultra to 1440p High to 4K. And, select 2nd Gen Ryzen processors offer up to 20 percent faster content creation than the competition.

    With XFR 2 technology on all AM4 platforms with 2nd Gen Ryzen processors, enthusiast PC builders will enjoy even higher performance in the presence of premium cooling

    Feature Advances
    Designed with enthusiasts and high performance in mind, 2nd Gen Ryzen processors feature soldered integrated heatspreaders for superlative thermal transfer[xiv], and unlocked multipliers for simple, powerful overclocking5 control. Performance tuning, enabled by the new Ryzen Master 1.3 software, is easier than ever before, and now offers per-core overclocking5 with automatic identification of the potentially fastest cores.

    For the first time, the entire line of 2nd Gen Ryzen processors include a world class AMD Wraith Cooler inside the retail box. The flagship AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU includes the new Wraith Prism cooler featuring premium thermal performance, an upgraded fan profile, and enhanced lighting capabilities with per-RGB controls.

    Platform Advances
    Optimized for the 2nd Gen Ryzen processors, new AMD X470 chipset is available on Socket AM4 motherboards now. In addition to enhanced memory compatibility and overclocking5 capability, these new motherboards come with a free download of the new AMD StoreMI technology software, which combines the speed of an SSD and the capacity of a traditional spinning hard disk into a single easy-to-manage drive for faster, smarter, and easier storage.

    Compatible with all current AM4 processors, the new X470 motherboards augment the existing 300-series motherboards, which are also compatible with the new 2nd Gen Ryzen processors with a firmware (BIOS) update. Many in-market motherboards already come with the updated BIOS, indicated by a “Ryzen Desktop 2000 Ready” label on the package.

    2nd Generation AMD Ryzen Processors:

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