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  • ASUS Republic of Gamers Unleashes New Lineup of Gaming Components and Peripherals

    ROG expands into new product categories with introduction of ROG Ryujin and Ryuo CPU liquid coolers,ROG Thorpower supply and ROG Strix Gaming Chassis

    Fremont, CA (June 4, 2018) —Since Republic of Gamers(ROG) inception 12 years ago, we’ve been on a mission to spread innovation to the different components comprising gaming and enthusiast PCs.Starting in 2006 with motherboards, we dared to defy conventional thinking in pursuit of our passion to produce the world’s best gaming hardware. That drive led us to expand into graphics cards and laptops, and then into monitors and peripherals. More recently, we’ve also worked to ensure that these different pieces fit together more meaningfully, allowing you to build a complete system that reflects ROG style with your own personal flavor.The new ROG Thor 1200W Platinum PSU, ROG Strix Gaming Chassis plus the ROG Ryujin and Ryuoall-in-one coolers exemplifies these continued efforts.

    Republic of Gamers is featuring our full lineup ofproducts ranging from laptops to all-in-coolersduring Computex 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan at the ASUS booth, #M410 in Nangang Hall, from June 5-9. For a complete look at our new ROG products, please visit us at Republic of Gamers.

    ROG Ryujin 360/240
    The ROG Ryujin is our flagship thermal solution available in radiator sizes of 240 mm and 360 mm. This one is a showstopper with a stylish shroud infused with NCVM effects. The surface treatment and slash across the face match our recent motherboards designs, helping the cooler maintain a consistent aesthetic.

    Liquid cooling is powerful, yet it doesn’t circulate air around the CPU socket like a traditional heatsink and fan. Airflow in this area is important because it is home to the VRMs responsible for powering the CPU and often an M.2 slot for NVMe SSDs, so our engineers embedded a 60-mm fan inside the pump housing. This pushes air north, south, and west of the socket to lower the temperature of surrounding components. We designed the Ryujin to meet the thermal challenge of newer CPUs with ever-higher core counts. Noctua’s industrial-grade iPPC-2000 PWM fans are strapped to the radiator, blending high performance with low noise.The 1.77-inch LiveDash color OLED shows real-time system stats and personalized images and GIFs.

    ROG Ryuo 240/120
    The ROG Ryuo brings the Asetek core of its big brother to a more affordable package. Its aluminum pump cover skips the Ryujin’s extra shell in favor of a more conventional look. But you still get same OLED display, and the socket is illuminated by nine addressable LEDs.With 240-mm and 120-mm sizes, the Ryuo covers mid-sized builds and smaller form factors. The radiator fans are based on our in-house Wing-Blade design, which is shared by ROG graphics cards and our new Thor PSU. The shape is optimized for high airflow, while keeping noise levels down.

    ROG Thor 1200W Platinum
    The new ROG Thor 1200W Platinum PSU is the first power supply from the Republic of Gamers and designed for overclocked CPUs and multiple graphics cards. Later this year, it will be joined by an 850W version tailored for gaming PCs that aren’t quite as extreme.We’ve amped up the cooling on proven Seasonic hardware, included custom heatsinks, ensured 80 Plus Platinum certification, added a 10-year warranty and infused it all with customizable Aura Sync lighting and a real-time wattage information displayed on an OLED panel. The result is a premium PSU that’s perfectly at home in high-end ROG rigs.

    ROG Strix Gaming Chassis
    Tastefully designed in aluminum and smoked glass with addressable AURA Sync lighting technology,Strix Gaming Chassis offers a distinctively ROG design, which includes a swappable panel up front to change the looks, plus woven handles up top for easy carrying to LAN parties. The Strix chassis has room for high-end liquid coolers like the Ryujin 360, and it will include a vertical GPU bracket to showcase Strix graphics cards. Separate addressable lighting on the side and front panel plug directly into headers on ROG motherboards, illuminating everything with your personalized palette. In addition, ROG Strix Chassis features a Quick Charge 3.0 port, a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, a tool-free ROG SSD caddy and magnetic dust filters.

    ROG Delta
    The ROG Delta Type-C headset is the latest addition to our growing line of audio devices. Like its namesake, the Delta merges converging paths with ease, bridging PCs and mobile devices with USB-C connectivity that works with the latest examples of both, like our new Strix SCAR II and Hero II laptops and the ROG Phone.

    With a lightweight design that’s optimized to cradle your head, the Delta is comfortable to wear whether you’re out and about with your phone or locked into a long battle on your PC. Inside, an ESS based quad-DAC array featuring an impressive 127-dB(A) SNR splits the stereo signal to produce clearer and more refined sound for games and other content. And outside, Aura Sync RGB lighting offers nearly limitless possibilities for personalized illumination.

    ROG Balteus Qi
    ROG Balteus Qi is an RGB gaming mouse pad that combines a performance surface with the convenience of Qi wireless charging on the desktop. A 370 x 320mm portrait-oriented surface offers ample space for simultaneous charging and gaming, while the micro-textured hard surface enables pixel-precise tracking. Featuring 15 individually customizable Aura Sync RGB lighting zones for personalization, the mouse pad is also equipped with an on-pad lighting mode button for on the fly adjustments and a USB 2.0 pass-through port for easy connections. Apart from ROG Balteus Qi, its sibling the Balteus will also be available for gamers who want the extra flair but without the wireless charging function.

    ROG Gladius II Wireless
    A natural fit for both laptops and desktops, the ROG Gladius II Wireless frees our most coveted gaming mouse from the shackles of a USB tether. It pairs ultra-fast RF and low latency Bluetooth technologies with a new Pixart 16000dpisensor that provides impeccable tracking. We helped optimize the sensor’s power consumption to improve battery life, allowing the Gladius II Wireless to game for 24 hours with the lighting turned off. Aura Sync illumination is still available, and topping up the battery is easy with the included USB cable, which switches the mouse into wired mode for the best possible connection.


    The new ROG products are arriving in the second half of 2018. For additional information, product images and specifics on our new ROG products, please visit us at Republic of Gamers.

    Please visit ASUS or contact your local ASUS representative for further information or if you’re at Computex 2018 in Taipei, be sure to check out the ROG product family at the ASUS booth, #M410 in Nangang Hall, from June 5-9.

  • ASUS Displays New TUF Gaming Products

    TUF Gaming releases the M5 mouse, K5 keyboard, H5 headset, GT501 chassis and the FX10CP desktop

    Fremont, CA (June 4, 2018) - The PC gaming renaissance is bringing a new generation of recruits into the ranks. They’re joining a community that’s increasingly diverse and frequently unfamiliar with the intricacies of building a complete rig. TUF Gaming aims to make the process more approachable by smoothing out the wrinkles in the DIY experience. Designed for gamers seeking stability and performance at an affordable price, it focuses on delivering durable gear that can survive the rigors of punishing play now and still deliver reliability in the future.

    TUF Gaming takes battle-hardened aesthetics in a forward direction. Although it started with motherboards, the family is expanding to peripherals and other components that embrace the same style, making it easier than ever to assemble a cohesive gaming setup. All-new additions include the TUF Gaming M5 mouse, K5 keyboard, H5 headset, and GT501 chassis developed by our own internal teams, plus an array of components produced by TUF Gaming Alliance partners. Complete systems like the TUF Gaming FX10CP desktop and FX504 laptop are also beginning to spread TUF Gaming values to machines that get you in the game right out of the box.

    ASUS is featuring our full lineup ofTUF Gaming products during Computex 2018 in Taipei, Taiwanat the ASUS booth, #M410 in Nangang Hall, from June 5-9. For a full rundown of our new TUF Gaming products and TUF Gaming Alliance updates, please visit us at ASUS EdgeUp.

    Mice it your way with the TUF Gaming M5
    Mice are particularly prone to physical wear and tear, so the TUF Gaming M5 is coated in durable paint that stands up to heavy use. The Omron switches under the left and right buttons are ready for the long haul, too. They’re rated to survive 50 million clicks, assuring reliably responsive input for years of regular gaming in even click-centric MOBAs. And all the buttons are programmable with functions or macros using our Armoury II software, which saves settings for up to three profiles directly on the mouse’s internal memory, making them available on any machine.

    Pixart’s PAW3327 optical sensor monitors motion at resolutions up to 6200 DPI, which is more than enough sensitivity for the vast majority of gamers and even eSports pros.Aura Sync adds configurable accent lighting that’s easy to match with the rest of your rig, ticking the final box on a list of essential features.

    Splishing and Splashing with the TUF Gaming K5 keyboar
    Keyboards also suffer a lot of hands-on abuse, including accidental spills if you get bumped inadvertently at a crowded LAN party or celebrate a hard-fought victory a little too emphatically. But the TUF Gaming K5 isn’t afraid of a little liquid; its splash-proof design can withstand up to 60 ml, preventing small spills from ruining your night.

    The key caps are also covered by three layers of paint, one more than typical keyboards, which helps them hold up to everyday use. Under each cap, Mech-Brane switches use a specially tuned membrane to mimic the feel of a mechanical design. Five-zone Aura Sync backlighting stretches across the keys, powering a personalized array of colors and effects that you can easily synchronize with the M5 mouse. Like with the M5 mouse, Armoury II lets you record custom macros and save them to onboard storage.

    Getting comfortable with the TUF Gaming H5 headse
    The TUF Gaming H5 headset is designed with a focus on durability, style and comfort. Its stainless steel headband adds strength in a key area while giving the headset a premium look. The lightweight design is comfortable to wear for longer gaming sessions that would otherwise test your endurance.

    Each ear cup contains a 50-mm Essence driver backed by an airtight chamber that improves sound quality. A removable boom hangs down from the left with an analog mic for communicating with your squad. For more immersion, plug in the included USB adapter to add virtual surround sound that puts you at the center of the action.

    Making a case for the TUF Gaming GT501
    While our TUF Gaming peripherals spread the military-inspired motif across your desktop, the GT501 chassis clads your PC components in matching armor. Sturdy steel dominates the construction, with plastic limited to pieces for front-panel connectors and the base of the front face. A sheet of smoked tempered glass provides a stealthy window into your battle station and woven cotton handles make it a simple transport to LAN parties.

    The thumb screws holding the window can sometimes be affixed too tightly at the factory, so the case ships with a handy TUF Gaming tag that doubles as a screwdriver. Once you’re inside, ample routing options and a 30-mm gap behind the motherboard tray make it easy to thread cables cleanly. We even left space to neatly run RGB strips.

    Effective cooling is one of the most important factors for sustaining peak gaming performance, so the GT501 has plenty of room for fans and radiators. It includes a trio of high-flow 140-mm PWM fans right out of the box, which is perfect for pairing with the intelligent cooling control offered by TUF Gaming motherboards. There are additional mounts for three fans up top and three more at the front, with both locations supporting dual-fan radiators up to 280 mm and triple-fan units up to 360 mm. Removable filters in the bottom, front, and top panels prevent dust and other particles from getting sucked into the case.

    Your rig is incomplete without parts from the TUF Gaming Alliance
    The TUF Gaming Alliance is assembling an army of components made by like-minded partners. Our initial focus has been on maintaining an aesthetic theme across a broader array of the parts that make up your PC. Matching memory modules, coolers, cases, and one PSU are available now, with more on the way in each category. Products are already selling or in the works from a who’s-who of industry heavyweights that includes Antec, Apacer, Ballistix, Cooler Master, Corsair, Deepcool, Enermax, G.Skill, GeIL, In Win, Scythe, Silver Stone, Team Group, and XPG.

    Beyond mandating consistent cosmetics, the TUF Gaming Alliance establishes new standards for stability that go beyond our usual vendor validation procedures. DRAM compatibility has long been a problem area because some modules are pushed so close to the edge that they’re sensitive to minor frequency and voltage fluctuations that occur in the real world. We account for these normal variances with stricter DRAM testing that stresses modules with their clock speed raised and voltage lowered, plus the memory must survive 24 hours of Memtest in a thermal chamber cranked up to a sweltering 50°C.

    Environmental conditions affect power delivery, so PSUs must endure their own torture test in the heat locker. They’re qualified at an even higher temperature and also face a steamy 90% humidity level throughout testing. We’re currently exploring other ways to not only guarantee stability, but also more deeply integrate products in the TUF Gaming Alliance.

    An alternative approach to gaming laptops and desktops
    TUF Gaming systems provide an alternative to DIY builds for gamers who want a ready-made desktop or a laptop they can take on the road. These initial imports into the family fit our priorities and provide an early glimpse at what ASUS will bring to affordable gaming machines.

    Focusing on what matters for gaming is the best way to maximize a limited budget, so the TUF Gaming FX504 laptop offers upgrades in key areas. The top model’s 15.6” display hits all the right notes: high refresh, quick response, and wide color gamut. Its 120Hz refresh rate makes gameplay and graphics much smoother and with its NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1060 GPU, the FX504 can hit triple-digit frame rates in many popular games. It’s available with up to a six-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor with ample horsepower for gaming, live-streaming, and much more.

    For stationary battle stations, the new TUF Gaming FX10CP desktop puts capable components in a reinforced tower. The Radiating-X design on the side panels adds structural reinforcement that protects your investment, while dual chambers with dedicated intakes optimize cooling on the inside.

    With up to an Intel Core i7-8700 six-core CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics, there’s enough horsepower for casual gaming and other tasks, like catching up on work, editing photos, or splicing together in-game recordings to create your own highlight reels.


    The new TUF Gaming peripherals will arrive in Q3 2018. For additional information, product images and specifics on our new TUF gaming products, please visit us at ASUS EdgeUp.

    Please visit TUF Gaming or contact your local ASUS representative for further information.

  • Time for Computex 2018

    I have to apologize for the lack of news postings, or as google calls them, unimportant bits of content that help link one website to another.  BUT. I digress.

    It is time for Computex again.  Computex is an annual trade show held in Taipei Taiwan and unlike CES has almost 100% relevance to the items I cover on Hardware Asylum.  Here you are able to see the genesis of PC hardware and the supporting accessories developed to support it.

    I have been attending this show since 2003 when Hardware Asylum was better known as Ninjalane and have seen trends come and go, seen companies rise to the top only to suffer the following year.  I have seen the rise and fall of Overclocking and the struggles associated with Gaming hardware and how companies have attempted to strike a balance between what is "trendy" vs "actually useful”.  

    Of course the big thing these days is Mining and cryptocurrency and I suspect there will be plenty of companies releasing hardware for that niche.  I have a hard time supporting the Mining culture which is no different from Overclocking when you consider the audience.

    Computex starts June 4th and I'll be doing my best to publish some live content on the @hardwareasylum twitter page and will follow up with my normal list of articles after the show.

  • EG Infinity to Debut at Computex 2018

    Leading-edge gaming setup will be available for internet cafes and eSports centers, offering unparalleled gaming experiences

     TAIPEI, TAIWAN, MAY 30, 2018 - EG Infinity, a division of the world-renowned gaming peripherals manufacturer EpicGear, has announced that their brand-new gaming concept will be unveiled at Computex 2018. The event takes place from June 5 until June 9, 2018, from 9:30 am - 6:00 pm at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, on the first floor, Hall 1F, Booth I0818. EG Infinity will be showcased upon this global stage, and this will be the first time the public gets to see the future of gaming.

    “EG Infinity is an eSports environment builder and designer specifically that provides a unique gaming experience. The interactive, engaging, and compelling eSports and LAN arena design supports elite eSports experiences and LAN parties, while nurturing and developing eSports talents.” said EG Infinity development team. “We are eager to deliver compelling experiences for gamers and audiences in these customized eSports centers. EG Infinity creates an eSports environment that increases the gaming experience through customized design.”

    The EG Infinity Odyssey collection will offer a customized battleground, eSport center design and build kit that will revolutionize PC games and LAN party events. The battle station concept includes modular walls that are easily installed, as well as a sleek design that can be adapted to indoor/outdoor use. All of the modular pieces can be reused time and time again in varying designs, and the space-age look is sure to captivate the imaginations of gamers everywhere. This sci-fi design resembles the interior of a spaceship, and all materials are designed to be lightweight, durable, and reusable.

    The upcoming Computex show is the ideal environment to debut the innovative the EG Infinity custom eSports battle station and Odyssey collection. Attendees can explore the modular decorations and furniture for a completely customized gaming center to host any event ranging from grand openings and new launches to premiere e-sports events and tournaments. In June 2018, the world will catch its first glimpse of this never-before-seen system at Computex Taipei.

    EG Infinity demo video:

    More information about EG Infinity can be found at; details about Computex are available at

  • Patriot Viper Launches Brand New RGB DDR4 Series Memory Kits

    Unparalleled DDR4 performance comes with fascinating RGB illumination and excellent heat dissipation, now available in dual-channel 16GB kits at frequencies up to 4133MHz

    Fremont, California – May 24th, 2018 - PATRIOT, a global leader in performance memory, SSDs, gaming peripherals and flash storage solutions today announced the immediate availability of its new VIPER RGB Series Performance DDR4 Memory Kits. PATRIOT’s VIPER RGB Series memory modules are designed for users who are obsessed with maximizing hardware performance without compromising stability. The VIPER RGB series are fully optimized for the latest Intel and AMD platforms and matched with a stunning heat shield design. VIPER RGB series offers RGB illumination control through a software application without additional cables to maintain an aesthetic look and stunning visuals.

    The new heat spreader design is made from high-quality aluminum and designed to offer excellent thermal dissipation to maintain greater stability under heavy loads. In addition, VIPER RGB series memory is built with a customized PCB to guarantee good signal integrity for stable gaming while also offering increased overclocking potential. The memory ICs featured in VIPER RGB Series undergo a proprietary sorting process to retain strict quality standards and reliability on the latest Intel and AMD platform motherboards.  

    PATRIOT VIPER is committed to providing product solutions for gamers and modders. RGB illumination is a significant element of a gaming PC now. VIPER RGB memory module features unique design elements, from the brow shaped light bar to the abstract “fang” design of the heat shield emulating our iconic Snakehead design. Each LED offers full spectrum RGB lighting for dazzling color effects. 

    For a better LED lighting control, VIPER RGB series memory includes our VIPER software allowing users to tweak their RGB illumination. The software allows user to have 5 customizable lighting profiles in addition to several pre-programmed lighting effects such as Viper, breathing, heartbeat, raindrop…etc. Furthermore, the interface makes setting the RGB color control simple which is important when user wants to match the RGB color with other components of their computer builds.

    VIPER RGB series is fully compatible with the major motherboards’ RGB control software apps, allowing the RGB Lighting to be synchronized between VIPER RGB memory and motherboard.  Furthermore, user only needs to install the VIPER RGB control software to tweak their RGB illumination only when independent control is needed between memory and motherboard.

    Each kit is fully compatible with the latest Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) and allows users to easily set their memory speed and timings to get the highest possible performance and working stability. It makes system tweaking simple and easy for both amateur system builders and experienced OCers.

    PATRIOT VIPER RGB Series DDR4 Memory is launching with a number of frequency options to provide users with several choices when it comes to upgrading or building a new system. PATRIOT VIPER RGB Series DDR4 Memory Kits are designed to maximize the performance of every gaming system, available in 16GB (2x8GB) capacity with frequencies starting at 2,666MHz to extreme performance speed at 4,133MHz. All VIPER RGB memory modules are backed by PATRIOT’s limited lifetime warranty.

  • Introduction of the BLAZE series ATX chassis with smoked tempered glass

    28 May 2018 2018 – Maarheeze, The Netherlands – Introducing the BLAZE series by X2-gaming, lustrous PC enclosures completed with smoked tempered glass panel on the front and on one side, to show off your cool RGB lights and powerful hardware. These new PC cases will be available in 3 models, BLAZE 1,2 & 3, providing enough room for the installation of your pc components. Up to 3x HDD 3.5-inch, 3x SSD 2.5-inch drives and 7 PCI expansion slots for the installation of long graphics cards ( up to 380mm length VGA card ) large CPU cooler ( up to 170mm height clearance) and large power supplies up to 210mm ( specifications depending on the model number). The structure is built in two separate compartments, one for the mainboard and the other compartment for the power supply unit creating a duct airflow in the system. Productive air-cooling through multiple 120mm fan mount locations (up to 8) throughout the chassis and sufficient fresh air intake via the top and bottom intake pockets covered with removeable and washable dust filters. The BLAZE series come in 3 different models and all provide for easy upkeep like tool-free removal of the glass side and front panels. Considerable options for gaming peripheral connections through the USB2.0 and USB3.0 ports and HD Audio jacks situated on the top-front of the case. The chassis is constructed out of 0.5/0.6mm SPCC all black coated steel and facilitates neat cable routing through numerous pockets throughout the structure. Expose your PC hardware, RGB & AURA lights, water or air coolers through the tempered glass window side and front panel. X2 believes in exceptional style at affordable pricing - All geared up!

    ATX pc case with tempered glass 0.5/0.6mm SPCC steel chassis All black coated structure Front and left side smoked tempered glass Separated mainboard compartment and PSU chamber 1*USB3.0 & 2*USB2.0 + AC97/HD AUDIO Various air intakes with removable dust filters 2 years manufacturer warranty Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: X2-OR7007G/W-U3 is €52,95 / $62,95 X2-A7004G/W-U3 is €54,95 / $64,95 X2-A7005G/W-U3 is €59,95 / $69,95 ABOUT X2: X2 is a brand of Bytecom Fanner and is originated by a team of PC enthusiasts & gamers in The Netherlands. X2 believes in exceptional style coupled with genuine quality, redefining the meaning of affordable PC gaming.

    BLAZE I:

  • NZXT H500i @ TechPowerUp

    I have noticed a trend in case design lately and I'm sure many of you have as well.  The trend is pretty simple and involves the power supply (PSU).  It would seem that people don't know what to do with it.

    Sure we have custom cable sleeves and fancy RGB lights but when it comes to the case the trend is to cover the PSU.  Basement panels are a popular mod to cover the PSU and if you are into cutting your own side window you can simply exclude that section in your cutting.

    Well the mfgs have caught on to this little trick and are releasing cases with two sections.  you have the top part with all the expensive components, lights and water and a bottom part with the PSU.  Guess which one gets the glass?

    The NZXT H500 and H500i present a smaller version of the H700 chassis but employ the same steel construction. On top of that, the "i" variant features a built-in NZXT CAM module. With their retail grade fans, well executed features the H500 cases are surprisingly affordable and have the potential to favorites for both end users and system integrators.

    Some people really like this case.  Personally I'm on the fence, sure it has some good features but it is a square, no curves, no bends nothing to make it unique.  Cept maybe the silly bar running down the middle.

  • Phanteks announce the release of the new Eclipse P350X

    Walnut, California, May 23rd, 2018 - Phanteks is introducing a new compact case to the Eclipse lineup, the P350X. The P350X brings new design with an amazingly affordable price. Clean interior design makes installation easy while the integrated Digital RGB lines on the exterior accentuates the case.

    The P350X offers high airflow capability, E-ATX motherboard clearance, liquid cooling support, and high-end configurations within the compact design. The case features integrated Digital RGB lighting profiles that allows you to personalize to your style. The P350X offers more capabilities than other midtowers without compromising the price.

    Phanteks Eclipse P350X will be available in two color options:
    Black and Black/White.

  • SPECgpc releases SPECviewperf 13

    Major new version of SPECviewperf benchmark features new and updated viewsets, redesigned GUI, and improved scoring and reporting methods

    GAINESVILLE, Va., May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The SPEC Graphics Performance Characterization Group (SPECgpc) has released an all-new version of its SPECviewperf benchmark that features new volume visualization viewsets for energy and medical applications, a redesigned GUI, improved scoring and reporting methods, and updated viewsets to support more recent versions of the applications on which they are based.

    The new benchmark is available for free downloading to everyone except vendors of computers and related products and services that are not members of the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (SPEC/GWPG). Non-member computer product and service vendors can purchase the benchmark for $2,500. SPEC/GWPG members include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Nvidia.

    Reflecting real-world performance
    SPECviewperf software measures the 3D graphics performance of systems running under the OpenGL and Direct X application programming interfaces. The benchmark’s workloads, called viewsets, represent graphics content and behavior extracted from professional applications, without the need to install the applications themselves.

    Applications represented by viewsets in SPECviewperf 13 include 3ds Max and Maya for media and entertainment; Catia, Creo, NX and SolidWorks for CAD/CAM; Showcase for visualization; and two datasets representing professional energy and medical applications.

    SPECviewperf 13 is a comprehensive upgrade of previous versions of the benchmark. Medical and energy viewsets incorporate new models and raycasting for volume visualization; the Maya viewset features new models based on the SPECapc for Maya 2017 benchmark; and the Creo viewset has been updated with fresh application traces. All other viewsets have been recompiled with minor changes.

    Other major updates in SPECviewperf 13 include:

    • Support for 4K resolution displays.
    • New reporting methods, including JSON output that enables more robust and flexible result parsing.
    • A new user interface that will be standardized across all SPEC/GWPG benchmarks.
    • New workloads and scoring that reflect the range of activities found in real-world applications.
    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

    "We've spent thousands of hours debating, coding, testing, measuring, analyzing and re-debating in order to determine the most relevant aspects of applications represented in SPECviewperf's viewsets, then deciding how best to measure and report their performance," says Alex Shows, SPECgpc chair. "As a result, we believe that graphics performance improvements observed in SPECviewperf 13 for a particular system configuration will relate well to those seen in the real world."

    Available for immediate download
    The SPECviewperf 13 benchmark is available for immediate download on the SPEC website. It is supported under Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit RS3 or later. Results from SPECviewperf 13 are not comparable to those from earlier versions.

    About SPEC
    In its 30th year, SPEC is a non-profit organization that establishes, maintains and endorses standardized benchmarks and tools to evaluate performance for the newest generation of computing systems. Its membership comprises more than 120 leading computer hardware and software vendors, educational institutions, research organizations, and government agencies worldwide.

  • Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition Review @ Vortez

    There was a time when Thermaltake was the king of copying.  In a way that is still true however they have gotten quite good at creating orginial case designs that may or may not have been inspired but other cases in the market.

    The new View series, from what I can tell, is a ground up orginal that is so "out there" you have to wonder what was the inspiration.

    The View 37 RGB Edition is an E-ATX mid-tower that makes use of a Gull-Wing design. By having a Gull-Wing side panel, admiration for a customized configuration can now be viewed from another perspective. Inside this case, Thermaltake also has a few tricks up their sleeve with some subtle alterations to how the graphics card and radiators are mounted.

    Be sure to check out my review of the View 71 and View 31.  These cases are "View" editions of previous designs, now with more tempered glass.