Gamers May Save the PC Market

The TechReport crew talked about this article on their latest podcast and it really got me thinking.  If you think about the US PC Market the trend is moving towards mobile and tablet devices which is causing the of PCs and Laptops to dwindle.  Hardware Enthusiasts and Gamers often strive to have the latest and greatest hardware which is something that Laptops and Tablets cannot deliver.

Knowing that and factoring in that hardware makers often make no profit ($0 dollars over R&D costs) on flagship and high-end hardware.  You have to wonder if the sale of high-end gaming gear and custom PCs is really a long term solution or just a stop gap before the Microsoft and Intel driven mobile world takes over.

IDC Insights Research dropped some doom and gloom earlier this year, reporting that Q1 2013 PC shipments were down a drastic 13.9% globally, compared to the same period in 2012. This represented the worst decline in the US since 2006, despite Windows 8 and some inspired hardware to accompany it from the likes of Lenovo, ASUS, and Dell DELL Apparently no one told PC gamers about this decline, as a new report from Jon Peddie Research illustrates.

I had a "over drinks" discussion during CES about the future of hardware review sites and flat out said there is no future for hardware review as we know it.  Simply put we all need to adapt or die.  The reason being that mid and low end hardware is what makes money and the high-end flagship products are only built for marketing.  So, without mid level sales there are no high-end products, and if high-end products remain the prices will go thru the roof.

I really hope the market doesn't come this that and its up to the consumers to demand change.  Sadly everyone with this power has their heads buried in their ipads.

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