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Cyril Kowaliski is at it again and this time attacking how large his PC is. 

My PC is full of air and unoccupied slots and bays. I have four 5.25" optical drive bays that I don't use. The top one houses a DVD burner, but I can't remember the last time I stuck a disc in it. I moved to Canada over three years ago, and I'm positive that I've never purchased a blank DVD in this country.

I'm going to go out on a limb and simply agree with Cyril's views. (most of them)  Yes, the modern PC is too large and the modern case has too many drive bays, too many expansion slots and often come with external hot-swap docks.  None of this stuff we need however there was that one guy in some "other" country, lets say China, that claimed it was needed.  

Looking back at my Antec SX635 (that I still use) you will see the epitome of the perfect mid-tower chassis.  it is compact, fits a full sized motherboard and comes with 5 drive bays.  The problem is the case doesn't cool well so to solve the problem I added some larger fans.  92mm was the biggest that would fit and sadly the blowhole fan had to be removed because my Corsair HX850 was too long.  At idle the case is quiet however when I game the fans have to activate because my GTX 670 and Core i7 980X generate too much heat.

Heat is the main reason computer cases have gotten big.  People complain that their PC's are too loud and the only way to solve that is to increase the airspace and install large slow moving fans.  Cases like the Silverstone Temjin TJ08-E Evolution are a perfect example of how this can be done but they don't sell well in high volume regions that are more concerned with what you get than what you really need.

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