Are there aliens in San Francisco or is it just Google building a datacenter?

So there is this new barge floating off the cost of San Francisco and has people speculating what it could be.  Of course hungry reporters looking for their next meal have discovered that the owner of the barge is, get this, "A company called By and Large" with no mention as to where they are headquartered.

This could just be me but didn't that company destory the earth in a movie once?  (kudos if you know what it is from)

As for how a floating data center would be connected to the internet at large, we’re not entirely sure. A wireless link would be possible, but probably lacking in bandwidth. Unless the barge is very static and heavily anchored (which somewhat defeats the point of a floating data center), a high-bandwidth submarine cable wouldn’t be possible.

Before long we will have people camping out and selling alien heads claiming that Google captured a space traveler and is working towards building a death ray so they can rule the universe.

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