PAI Sandman Clock Review @ Techgage

You may not think a simple clock could have such an impact.  In fact clocks are so much a part of our lives that we almost forget they are there. 

The PAI Sandman clock is an interesting product designed for hotels.  It comes with large red digits and will wake you up at a specific time.  What makes this clock different is that it can also charge your USB devices while you sleep.

Something EVERY traveler needd to do.

We all need to tell the time – and worse still, wake up at a specific time. Power supplies for digital clocks are fighting over USB chargers for that last remaining wall socket. The Sandman Clock scores points for practicality by being an easy-to-see alarm clock, while providing four USB ports for charging. Let’s check it out.

Techgage has a short review posted of this new CES launched device.  Give it a look.

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