Caselabs Bullet BH8 Unboxing Video @ Modders-Inc

Video and Hardware Reviews have been a thing since the days of "Another Kickass Review",  I never felt they were all that effective but were fun to watch.  For those that remember the Kickass time you might get a chuckle.  If not you might as well go back to your YouTube and support the unsustainable marketing engine.

Modders-Inc has posted a video review of the CaseLabs Bullet BH8.  This is a standard sized computer case that looks more like a test bench than traditional tower.  there isn't anything wrong with that and given the absense of external drives we might see more designs like this.  Of course if you really want a tower case, then you might as well go back to watching your YouTube videos cause this bit if news is not for you.

Have you ever wanted a case that is custom made and created by someone that understands the issues you have when updating your system? Caselabs to the rescue with the Bullet BH8! Created in the USA and by a small private company that knows what it is like to not be able to put a system together just the way

Caselabs has been one of the go to vendors for the many of the show builds you see on YouTube (again for those who don't bother reading anymore).  Caselabs chassis are quite large and assemble using screws over the traditional rivets you see in just about every computer case in the world.  Personally I find this werid but then again they have never trusted us enough to send over a sample.

Be sure to check out the video over at Modders-Inc.

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