Corsair Carbide 275R PC Chassis Review @ Guru3D

So, I'm looking at this case and the first thing that runs through my mind is.  "Holy crap this looks like the EVGA DG-77".  And not so much because it is white but the interior design, tempered glass side panel and flat (we have no cooling) front panel.

Sure it isn't a 1:1 copy but you can tell there are common elements between the two.

Today we put the new Carbide 275R chassis though our testing paced for a review here at Guru3D. The 275R (and cases like it) aim to continue the more recent push toward more compact, less space heavy systems. She's purteeeh alright.

I'm all for small cases and at one time I felt the Mini ITX was the motherboard form factor of the future.  Seems many mobo makers didn't agree and figured the Micro ATX was the way to go.  Which makes sense considering that you can't sell bundled GTX 1080 Ti video cards when your motherboard only has one expansion slot.

Not to mention lack of M.2 and the intel push to get people OFF SATA and on to NVMe for the license money.

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