Cryptominers scramble for large-capacity SSDs

I normally come up with an elaborate introduction to stories like this but, I think the one from Digitimes is spot on.

The crytopmining fever is sweeping across China where miners are buying out all large-capacity SSDs available on the spot market ahead of the start of trading of the new crypto coin Chia. Supply of SSDs has been constrained by shortage of controller ICs. NAND flash device controller and module supplier Phison Electronics recently has raised its product prices again. Meanwhile, Taiwan's top LCD panel makers, AUO and Innolux, are optimistic about miniLED applications.

Cryptomining demand for large-capacity SSDs surges in China: China-based cryptomining hardware makers are "panic buying" all the available large-capacity SSDs from the spot market, according to industry sources.


And just when you thought the PC is dead you get "niche" flare ups requiring consumer grade hardware that brings the importance of the PC back into the limelight.  Sadly, in this case it is the need for fast storage to keep track of the enhanced crypto.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  Crypto only has value because a large group of people are driving the demand.  When Bitcoin was down ALL of the bitcoin pushers were dead silent on social media however, once it started going up again, they had all become unstoppable chatter boxes urging people to "buy coin" to inflate their holdings.

It is like we have cabbies trying to sell the Brooklyn Bridge all over again.

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