Watercool Heatkiller Rad 360-S @ TechPowerUp

I have been using Heatkiller waterblocks for years finding them to be some of the BEST waterblocks you can buy both from performance and usability.  However, in all my time bulding water loops I never noticed that Heatkiller made radiators.  I usually pick a Black Ice rad and call it a day.

Watercool makes a much awaited debut with the release of the all-new Heatkiller radiators. We take a look at the Heatkiller Rad 360-S here, published alongside the thicker Heatkiller Rad 360-L. Both come in multiple color finishes, excellent build quality, and increased case compatibility!

According to the review, either the Watercool Radiators are "new" or TechPowerUp has never reviewed one before.  Either one seems reasonable. happy smile

The new rad looks amazing and might be worth checking out!

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