Intel Core i9-12900K Alder Lake-S 16-Core CPU Clocks to 5.3GHz

I caught this story over at HotHardware as they were talking about the new Adler Lake Core i9 12900k processor.  Most everything about Alder Lake is speculation and if this rumor holds true then the new processor will be pretty amazing.   High Clocks, PCI Express 4.0 and DDR5 goodness!

Within a matter of months, Intel will introduce its first Alder Lake processors, effectively marking a near wholesale transition to hybrid computing, and kicking off the DDR5 memory era. From an official standpoint, SKUs and specifications are still a mystery. Unofficially, however, leaks and rumors paint an interesting picture, the latest of which details a supposed Core i9-12900K processor.

What about this hybrid architecture, you say? Intel dipped its toes into hybrid waters with Lakefield, but will really embrace heterogeneous computing in the x86 space with Alder Lake. This comes by way of combining high performance Golden Cove cores with power efficient Gracemont cores in the same package.

In one of our most recent Podcasts we talked about picking a processor and what to look for if you are on a budget or looking to min/max your performance potential.  In that discussion we noticed that between Comet Lake and Rocket Lake the Core i9 lost two cores and didn't increase in frequency. 

It would seem Intel was saving them for Alder Lake and whatever trickery they have lurking under the "lid"

I wouldn't get to excited about overclocking these new processors, short of LN2 or a powerful SS Phase you aren't going to get anywhere beyond what Intel has programed into the "boost" controller.

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