Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022

Myself and everyone here at Hardware Asylum would like to wish you a Happy New Year.  The world is a changed place, The 2020 Pandemic is still a major factor and while some say we have recovered I believe we are just "dealing" with everything.  World travel is still a major issue and events that depend on foreign visitors have started to suffer.

Despite the global issues the operations at Hardware Asylum have continued.  Review hardware is extremely difficult to obtain and the sudden drop in output only amplifies the issues that written sites, like Hardware Asylum, have encountered for the past 8+ years.  Sadly, this will be the normal thing going forward.  At least until mfgs figure out that YouTube and Twitch streamers are not a good source of unbiased reviews.

The one positive of this situation is that I am sitting on a MOUNTAIN of computer hardware from when I started Ninjalane and a good majority of it is now considered vintage and retro and my plans to revisit the Hardware Asylum Vault is still in the works and planned to take center stage once the Hardware Asylum YouTube channel starts to take off.

I am working hard to get some unique content posted with some retro themes centered on the time before I started doing reviews and running

Welcome to 2022, I hope this year serves you well.

It will be weird to skip CES this year (again).  Due to the “situation” the show has lost many of the exhibitors and the mfgs I normally meet with all decided to stay home anyway.

Happy New Year big grin smile