Creative Pebble X Plus @ TechPowerUp

I have noticed a stark decline in desktop PC speaker options for modern computers.  There was a time when buying the latest Logitech 5.1 surround sound speaker system was THE way to go even if you couldn't use the two rear speakers.  

However, it seems that most consumers have opted for Headphones and given the prevalence of extremely good USB Headphone DAC's you can get full surround sound without all the hassle. 

Personally, I do both,.  I have a dedicated desktop sound system AND a set of headphones I use for gaming and am very particular that BOTH systems sound the same meaning that a quality set of desktop speakers is a must.

The Creative Pebble X Plus is the new flagship 2.1 speaker system in the famous Pebble lineup. The speaker drivers have been enlarged, the RGB effects are more elaborate than ever, and you also get a compact subwoofer for added low-frequency rumble.

I'm not sure what to think of the review description but, if a subwoofer only gives them a rumble then, it has to be really crappy.  The proper term for good bass is "boom". happy smile

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