Funky Kit Review - ASRock Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WiFi Motherboard

You don't see too many motherboard reviews these days.  Something about low margins, poor marketing budgets and lack luster performance advantages.  Thank you, Intel, for making your processors so good that the subsystem doesn't matter. wink smile

Funky Kit has a ASRock Phantom Gaming B760I review posted.  ASRock is one of those companies that tries to be amazing but is tied too much to the ASUS shadow to succeed.  Of course, I can say that since they don't send me products to review anymore and likely never will.  (However, Computex is coming up, I'll see what I can do to crack the ASRock knut.)

I have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised by the features and performance the ASRock Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning WiFi has to offer, especially in such a small and compact mini-ITX motherboard. It offers good performance, decent overclocking ability and it's perfect for compact PC project builds, mini-PCs and more. 

I do like me some MiniITX motherboard action, despite what the pot smoking states say about selling computer systems that don't meet (or are exempt from) their power, save the planet, requirements.

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