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  • G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 Gaming Mouse Review
  • G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 Gaming Mouse Review


    Layout and Features Continued

    From this angle it is much easier to take in the overall shape.  Yes that’s another set of four accent lights across the middle.  I am reminded a bit of a Manta Ray with the thumb rest attached. 

    The bottom view shows off the aluminum frame.  The thumb wheel is clearly visible right through the middle.  To the left of the Ripjaws branding is the latest gaming grade Avago laser sensor.  It is rated at up to 8,200 and 1,000Hz polling rate.  Both can be adjusted in the software, more on that in a minute.

    One of the most unique design decisions is the use of removable side panels that are held in place by a set of magnets.  A larger grip shelf is provided as a thumb grip and a smaller as a pinkie grip for each side.  This drives the ambidextrous shape but they can be mix and matched if desired.  The magnets hold pretty firmly and I never had an accidental disconnect even in the heat of FPS battle.

    The MX780 weighs in at a trim 111g by default making it one of the lighter mice I have tested and much lighter than I am used to in my favorite Roccat mice.  Fortunately the MX780 also comes with two 4.5g weights.  The weights tuck in behind the side grips and fit one to a side.  I guess one might feel lopsided to a sensitive gamer but I never felt hampered.

    If you look closely at the pictures you can see the screws that hold things together.  A simple thing but it does mean you might be able to user repair things in a pinch.