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  • GSkill RipjawsZ PC3 17000 CL9 Quad Channel Memory Kit
  • GSkill RipjawsZ PC3 17000 CL9 Quad Channel Memory Kit



    When building a high performance system the components you choose can often be a limiting factor either in price or performance.  Luckily memory manufactures have gotten really good at creating specialized memory kits so you can unleash the Ninja within.  In this review we looked at a quad channel DDR3 memory kit from GSKill called the RipjawsZ.  These modules were created especially for the demands of the LGA2011 and X79 chipset and played the part quite well.  

    Despite the namesake the RipjawsZ shares very little in outward appearance to the previous RIpjawsX module.  The heatspreaders feel solid and do an excellent job at displacing what little heat is generated.  Our F3-17000CL9Q modules are rated at CAS 9 under the XMP profile and require 1.65v to run at the rated 2133Mhz speed.  Despite the CAS9 rating we did have good success overclocking these modules and saw stable speeds at 2240Mhz under watercooling without any voltage adjustments.  Sadly the modules didn't respond well to timing adjustments and wouldn't run at the 24x memory multiplier with our particular processor.
    As a general rule you will see a significant performance increase whenever you can run your memory clock above the default 16x multiplier setting and is exactly what you will get from these modules.  While the F3-17000CL9Q RipjawsZ modules might not have the best timings their overall performance is perfect for gaming, mild overclocking and even general purpose computing.
    Good Things
    High Speed Memory Modules
    Solid Heatspreader
    Sandy Bridge E Specific Memory
    Well Matched Modules (CL9 x 16GB)
    Bad Things
    Not able to adjust timings at speed
    Higher Latency
    Ninjalane Rating
    GSkill RipjawsZ PC3 17000 CL9 Quad Channel Memory Kit

    Furious 5 of 5