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  • CyberpowerPC SYBER Gaming Windows Console Unboxing
  • CyberpowerPC SYBER Gaming Windows Console Unboxing



    While visiting CyberpowerPC during CES 2014 we were introduced to a new line of gaming systems that were supposed to become the new Steam Machines running SteamOS.  If you haven’t noticed SteamOS never really materialized and while some boutique builders abandoned their Steam Machine concepts we have one that went the distance.  In this preview we are looking at the new SYBER Gaming Vapor console.

    The Vapor is a unique gaming computer designed for the living room.  It is small, stylish and a perfect complement to what could have been a top notch Steam Machine.  Measuring in at 351 x 345 x 98.5mm the Vapor is slightly larger than an XBOX and yet is compact enough to fit alongside a standard bluray player or DVR.  In terms of hardware the SYBER Gaming Vapor is available in three basic configurations.

    • Vapor A – AMD FM2+ based system matched with an AMD Radeon R9 270 and 500GB hard drive.
    • Vapor I – Intel Core i3 based system matched with an NVIDIA GTX 750Ti and 1TB hard drive.
    • Vapor X – Intel Core i7 (Devils Canyon) based system matched with an NVIDIA GTCX 980 and 1TB hard drive.

    Each system is priced according to the hardware and starts at $599.99 for the Vapor A featured in this unboxing article.

    Given that this system is intended for use in the living room you get a Logitech GamePad for playing games and Micro Keyboard for controlling the Windows 8.1 installation.   In terms of software each system is pre-installed with Windows and the Valve Steam Client.  You should be able to install whatever software you like however as there is no optical drive with the Vapor you’ll need to install over the network or using any of the available USB ports.

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