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  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 Super Windforce Overclock Video Card Review
  • Gigabyte RTX 4070 Super Windforce Overclock Video Card Review



    In this review we look at the new GeForce RTX 4070 Super Windforce Overclocked Edition from Gigabyte. The Super Editions have always been positioned as the final form of each RTX generation.  As we discussed at length in our February Podcast the RTX 4070 Super helps fix some of the confusion found on the last two releases of Nvidia cards. With a MSRP of $599 the 4070 Super is clearly target at mainstream enthusiasts.

    Generally speaking, we (Hardware Asylum / Ninjalane) like to recommend a two-generation upgrade path meaning that if your GPU is over two generations old then it might be time to upgrade.  If you are running an RTX 20-Series or older like I am, then it is probably time to consider an upgrade so, the question is..  Should you buy the RTX 4070 Super??

    In a word.  Yes!

    Nvidia has finally stabilized their RTX 40XX line effectively replacing the previous RTX 4070 Ti Edition. Even the MSRP is the same at $599.  Where the RTX 30XX cards were quite inflated across their lifetime, the 40XX Super cards feel “Right Priced”. It has the power you want pushing the RTX 4070 platform with up to 20% more power for flawless 1440p resolution gaming and even confident 4K performance at normal settings. 

    Upgrading by following the traditional two generation guideline makes sense for most builds, particularly if you are focused on gaming or general productivity, and the RTX 4070 Super still feels like the sweet spot for price and performance.  Gigabyte really shows us just what the RTX 4070 Super is capable of.

    In our overclocking tests we used the famous MSI Afterburner to tweak the memory clocks.  Given how clock speeds are controlled you can use just about anything including the software from Gigabyte.

    The OC Scanner helps to show you how clock speed and voltage are linked which is something we look at when overclocking.  However, not on the same way.  Here the Gigabyte chart shows the clock speed ramp but, doesn't show how the card can throttle.  With the Windforce cooler you will be hard pressed to reach a thermal limit but, you can easily hit the power limit.

    This is where the sensors screen in GPU-z comes in handy.  This screen will prove to you why certain overclocks work and why the clock you set is making your games even slower.  Of course, with the Gigabyte RTX 4070 Super Windforce OC 12G the enhanced cooler will ensure that you'll have plenty of power available without having to alter anything