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  • MSI R7850 Power Edition OC Video Card Review
  • MSI R7850 Power Edition OC Video Card Review



    In the enthusiast hardware world you will find that just about every component you can buy has been customized to a certain degree.  These customizations could be minor like a new heatsink design or something major to enhance power delivery and overclocking.  These changes define what an enthusiast product is and can often influence how is used.

    The product featured in this review is a mid-level video card from MSI called the R7850 Power Edition OC.  As the name suggests the card features the AMD Radeon HD7850 GPU targeted at the occasional gamer and budget minded enthusiast.  You may also notice the Power Edition OC monger at the end and is what makes this product stand out over the competition.
    Graphics Engine ATI Radeon HD 7850
    Interface PCI Express x16 3.0
    Memory Type GDDR5
    Memory Size(MB) 2048
    Memory Interface 256 bits
    Core Clock Speed(MHz) 950
    Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 4800
    DVI Output 1
    D-SUB Output N/A
    HDMI-Output 1
    Mini HDMI-Output N/A
    DisplayPort N/A
    Mini DisplayPort 2
    Display Output (Max Resolution) 2560x1600
    DirectX Version Support 11
    OpenGL Version Support 4.2
    CrossFire Support Y
    Card Dimension(mm) 210 x 118 x 39mm   

    This card comes with a factory overclock of 90Mhz and is otherwise identical to reference card when it comes to GPU specifications.