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  • Hardware Asylum Sponsors The Boise LAN 2.0
  • Hardware Asylum Sponsors The Boise LAN 2.0



    Over the weekend of February 19th-21st Hardware Asylum was at The Boise LAN 2.0.  The event was hosted at the Trailhead in downtown Boise Idaho making it one of the only local (at least to me) gaming events in the area.  While Darren has a long history with LAN parties having worked the Boise Frag Fest back in the early 2000’s this was my first hosted LAN event and I wanted to do something special.

    For those who don't know Boise LAN 2.0 was an 80 person LAN (Local Area Network) gaming event that allowed gamers to get together, socialize and play their favorite games.  The organizers scheduled several gaming tournaments including League of legends, CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, Age of Empires and Starcraft 2 and these tournaments were backed by sponsor prizes and added a nice incentive to play well. 

    Of course that didn't mean you were locked to those games, many gamers played co-op style titles like Dying Light and Borderlands 2.

    For this event I offered to contribute hardware prizes in exchange for doing some creative promotion of the Hardware Asylum podcast.  The format I picked was a daily trivia based raffle where I asked the group a question and would pull a random ticket.  If they got the correct answer they won.  After the drawing all of the correct answers were moved to the grand prize drawing that was set for the final day.

    I designed the questions to be a progressive ladder.

    • Day 1 was to introduce folks to the Podcast. 
    • Day 2 had them checking the show notes with a bonus for those who were curious enough to listen. 
    • Day 3 required that they listen to the show.

    If the number of entries is any indication I think it worked out perfect.