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  • A New Chassis and Coolers from EVGA at CES 2017
  • A New Chassis and Coolers from EVGA at CES 2017



    One of the most popular hardware makers in the United States is EVGA and they have been working hard to create a line of enthusiast ready products for the unique and sometimes eccentric US market.  Last year EVGA released their new mega gaming chassis called the DG-8 and while many enthusiasts appreciate the design it is quite large and expensive. 

    Their new chassis called the EVGA DG-7 is borrowing many of the design ideas from the DG-8 but in a smaller and more manageable form factor. 

    Inside the case you’ll find a pretty standard layout with PSU at the bottom and motherboard to the left.  The area to the right sits empty and where users will likely install watercooling components.

    Despite the lack of a new GPU for CES 2017 I am glad to see EVGA working to refine their custom aircooler.  This prelease design is called ICX and will feature a reworked heatpipe array and some other tweaks to improve performance.

    The backplate design has changed from an elegant machined aluminum part (cool) to a very manufactured and embossed aluminum plate (ugg).  I guess that is what we get when users DEMAND that backplates come standard on video cards instead of treating them like dress up parts like they should be.

    Kaby Lake was the big hardware launch of CES 2017 along with the Z270 chipset.  EVGA will have three new Z270 motherboards this year for Kaby Lake including the popular Classified. The design looks to be sampled from the Z170 Classified K edition so it won't have an onboard PLX chip but does come with a whole board heatpipe cooling solution.

    The Mini ITX Stinger is also coming back with a reverse mounted M.2 slot and plenty of connectivity options required of the smaller form factor.

    Look for these products to be released later this spring along with a very creative take on the classical AIO watercooler.