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  • Steiger Dynamics 4K and VR HTPC Builds Shown at CES 2017
  • Steiger Dynamics 4K and VR HTPC Builds Shown at CES 2017



    For several years the HTPC (Home Theater PC) was a hot topic in the enthusiast PC world and it seemed like everyone had their own unique solutions for both video playback and gaming.  The challenge was to build a system powerful enough to play games while still remaining quiet enough for use in the living room.  In those days the systems were largely based on desktop PC hardware and were not only power hungry but really didn’t integrate well with home theater equipment.

    Steiger Dynamics has a very unique take on the HTPC that starts with the custom PC chassis that is designed specifically to occupy the same footprint as a normal home theater receiver.  This allows the system to blend with your other components and still fit in normal A/V locations. 

    The flagship model, the Steiger Dynamics LEET offers a front panel display and supports full sized motherboards, multiple graphics cards and watercooling.   At CES 2017 Steiger Dynamics was showing a top of the line build using an X99 motherboard and a single watercooled GTX Titan graphics cards.  Dual radiators ensure quiet operation along with some sound absorption foam placed around the chassis.

    Across the front you’ll find a small monitor that will display some system information along with some diagnostic data to help you monitor the system. 

    For those of you looking for a smaller system Steiger Dynamics is also offering a half height version with the same basic styling and all the power you need to run 4k video and play VR Games.

    To learn more about these powerful and quiet HTPC options be sure to visit Steiger Dynamics and see what new things they have for 2017.