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  • Alphacool Apex Line of Custom Monoblocks and Carbon Fiber Chassis at CES 2024
  • Alphacool Apex Line of Custom Monoblocks and Carbon Fiber Chassis at CES 2024



    Alphacool is a German watercooling company that has been around for years and recently started to aggressively expand they product offerings to include the most popular watercooling trends including distro plates, custom fittings, custom GPU blocks and now Custom Full Monoblocks for ANY motherboard.

    The Apex Mono is a semi-full coverage waterblock solution that will cool the CPU and motherboard VRM at the same time.  We have seen similar blocks like this before and the formula is always the same.  You buy a motherboard and when you start looking for a monoblock you find out that nobody makes one or, the one you do find is available is for a board nobody can buy.

    That is where Alphacool is different.  They have an Apex Mono service where you can send in your motherboard.  They will then scan the board and make you a custom monoblock.  If you happen to be the first with that specific board, then the block is free!

    Here we have a custom monoblock on the popular ASUS Z790 Hero Eva-02 (Unit 2) motherboard with matching red anodized accents.

    One reason for the rarity of monoblocks is the up-front costs of getting the motherboard so they can make the scan.  By allowing users to send in motherboards for a monoblock fitment, not only does Alphacool get the materials they need to build the monoblock but, don’t have any of the sunk costs required to make it happen.  They can then turn around and sell custom monoblocks to others and allow more users to understand the joys of watercooling.

    Distro plates have become extremely popular with watercooling enthusiasts as they provide an easy way to route tubes in their build.  These also act as a primary reservoir and many include a D5 pump making them the ultimate in DIY.

    Alphacool and a great number of disto plates in display to fit just about any build in just about any fan location

    Speaking of fans, Alphacool has started selling their own fan design with full ARGB centers and custom aluminum frames.  Independent testing has proven them to be extremely quiet and com in a variety of different colors.

    The final item is the Apex Pro Skeleton Case.  This is a fully modular chassis design built from Carbon Fiber and can be completely disassembled if needed.  The frame style case will come with smoked glass side panels and a case specific distro plate to help users build up their custom water loop.

    Be sure to check out Alphacool.com for more information on these products and get a look into some of the other watercooling components they have available.