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  • The Ultimate 12VHPWR Cable Upgrade from beQuiet at CES 2024
  • The Ultimate 12VHPWR Cable Upgrade from beQuiet at CES 2024



    Most of the time CES is a wealth of cool new things that we will be excited to see but, from a logistics standpoint CES occurs right after the holiday buying season and is well before companies are ready to show off their works in progress.

    That was the case for beQuiet who had plenty of items on display however, we had seen them all before.

    Except for this.

    We all know about the troubles associated with the 12VHPWR PCI Express power connector causing issues in certain systems and making cable management a major problem in most builds.  Well, beQuiet has a solution and goes beyond the simple 90-degree connector or connectors with different colors to ensure they are completely plugged in.

    This cable is a $20 upgrade for those with beQuiet power supplies and is not only is this a 90-degree connector but has a nice shelf added allowing users the ability to safely bend the wires for easy cable management.  There is no the danger of pulling out a connector cable and no damage to where the connector meets the wire because the first bend happens well beyond that point.