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  • beQuiet Corner Office Chassis Designs at Computex
  • beQuiet Corner Office Chassis Designs at Computex



    Some people call these designs “fish tank” or “glass corner” and thanks to the success of the Lian Li O11 we will start to see more of these case designs.  I have dubbed the name “Corner Office” since it resembles why office workers prefer the corner in their office buildings.  You not only get more glass but, you can show off your elite status to the losers around you.

    The Light Base 600 is a smaller version of the Light Base 900 which then has a long lineage of sampling that goes all the way back to Thermaltake, of all companies.

    This chassis features a unique layout where the motherboard is pushed out to accommodate a PSU behind the motherboard tray and radiators on all of the major panels.  The case will come with reverse direction fans which will be color matched to the chassis.

    Some unique features include the wrap around LED light strips which provide a nice backdrop to the overall system and helps to accent the compact nature of the Light Base 600. 

    A common feature is being able to switch the display position of your motherboard.  You can quickly flip the motherboard by inverting the entire case or lay it down in a test bench configuration due to the easily repositionable case feet.