The 7 Types of Hashtag Abusers - An editorial for awareness

Now that hashtags have been added to Facebook you have to wonder how people will use them, or in this case abuse them.  Here is an editorial talking about the 7 types of abusers while I don't fully agree with the first one I do think that a person doing "air hashtags" is pretty darn stupid and speaks to their level of mentality.

2. The Verbal Hashtagger

Someone who actually says the word “hashtag” in conversation. Exhibit A: Kasey, the Bachelorette contestant, who charms women with phrases — spoken out loud! — like “hashtag marriage material” and “hashtag let the journey begin.” If a Verbal Hashtagger is hiking Machu Picchu, say, he might observe the ancient ruins, feel overwhelmed with emotion, and say, “Hashtag…. breathtaking.”

I suspect there will be more of this in the coming months/years, at least until someone comes up with something better.

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