Oculus Rift hires FPS Developer John Carmack to be CTO

For some reason this doesn't surprise me and I think it will be extremely good for both parties involved.

Carmack said in a prepared statement that the first time he wrote code for Oculus, it stood up to many firsts he's experienced in modern gaming: "the intensity of the first-person experience, LAN and internet play, game mods and so on." Additionally, he believes VR "will have a huge impact in the coming years" -- Carmack is the first announced big new hire at Oculus. 

The key word in the above snippet is "coming years".  We all know that VR exists and that past versions of the technology were limited by the very technology that created it.  Of course the Oculus implementation is considerably better there are still issues with the technology.

Sadly enough, those issues are with the 2D content that is digitally converted to 3D and then displayed on the screen.  Movies recorded in 3D are usually pretty good but games where the pictures are generated in real time often suffer from motion sync issues and just poor 3D implementation.

Let's hope that Carmack can make a difference.  Given his track record in the FPS world, I'm sure he can.

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