SilverStone Air Penetrator SST-AP123 Cooling Fan Review @ APH Networks

These are some of the best fans, hands down, feet down, air down, it doesn't matter they are the best.

Is it an improvement from the past even if the specs don't say so? Let's see how the testing goes.

In checking out the review I rather like the tissue paper test which helps to show directionality.  At Computex several years ago Silverstone levitated a balloon with an Air Penetrator fan using the Bernoulli Effect.  (the same one that allows planes to fly)

Most case fans exhaust air in a cone which is why you always position fans to pull air thru a radiator when you are watercoolig.  With the Air Penetrator you no longer need to do that however, the fans tend to work best cooling cases rather than heatsinks.

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