Welcome to the New Ninjalane er Hardware Asylum

If you have come to this website expecting to see, don't worry you have come to the right place, just with a different name. 

Welcome to Hardware Asylum.  I purchased the domain late in 2012 and started laying down plans for a site migration.  As you can see the culmination of those efforts has been realized and with any luck the site will grow and be welcomed by Google into their index.

A few things you should know about the new website.

  • This is a website run by computer hardware enthusiasts, gaming aficionados and overclockers. We want to make sure you keep coming back so please let us know what you think either by sending an email or posting on our facebook page.
  • The website is divided up into several sections, the main Reviews section has been pre-populated with reviews from 2011 forward.  There are over 14 years of review history on that website and it felt bad to move it all.
  • I attend several computer events throughout the year which were normally posted in the Blogs section on, I'll be working to migrate those over to Hardware Asylum but, in the meantime be sure to check out the Articles section of the website.  It has been pre-populated with articles from 2011 forward.
  • The final section of the website is the NInjalane Podcast. (new name pending)  Darren and I have been recording a bi-weekly tech and gaming podcast for the past two years and we urge you all to check it out.  The latest episode can always be viewed from the Podcast index with links to the past episodes along the right.

You will notice that the Ninjalane Message Forum didn't make the cut for migration.  This was actually the first feature of Ninjalane and with the prevalence of social media and decrease in overall forum activity it was decided that the forum needed to be shut down. 

However, if there is a need I am not against bringing it back. 

Be sure to check back in November when I launch the first ever Hardware Asylum Custom Hardware Giveaway.  All proceeds will go towards building up the Facebook following and clearing out my garage.

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