New Podcast and Capture System Build

It has been a couple weeks since CES 2015 concluded and things are just now getting back to normal.  I do regret not visiting more people during the show but as I have mentioned before the CES show is more about relationship building than the tech.  At least in how it pertains to Hardware Asylum. 

The first order of business post CES was the building of a specialized PC for the Hardware Asylum Podcast.  This box will replace my aging Asus Slate as the primary recording machine and will open up a variety of new directions we can take.  The new machine is a simple box consisting of "extra" parts I had laying around the Hardware Asylum Labs and while it may be a little overkill for recording audio that won't be its only purpose.

The System
Core i7 4770k
MSI Z97i Gaming
Corsair Dominator Platinum 8GB
Samsung 120GB SSD
Toshiba 1TB HDD
Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD
InWin BP655 MiniITX Chassis

Some of you may remember this build from my MSI MOA qualifier where I attempted to broadcast my overclocking runs on Twitch.TV.  Sadly the internet here in the lab isn't all that great so instead I messed around with OBS and recorded some things.

Well, the system has been repurposed and with any luck will help bring some variety to the Podcast and my rare overclocking runs. happy smile