der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame

Some of you may remember when regularly did competitive overclocking.  While I didn't get famous from the exercise it was super fun and one of the many things I do to promote Hardware Asylum.  (well, at the time, Ninjalane)

The LN2 container I used was designed and built by der8auer and was amply named "BEAST".  It is a raw copper container with a short aluminum extension.  It was "fast" and generally worked extremely well.  Since then der8auer expanded his LN2 container designs and started working for CaseKing as a product developer.

His latest design, the Skylake-X Direct Die Frame, is a marvel of engennering and allows you to properly run your Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors without a lid. 

We have all heard about delidding which is the process of removing the Intel heatspreader to replace the thermal compound.  This can often lower processor temperatures and is a needed upgrade for LN2 overclocking.

With this device you can remove the lid completely and mount your heatsink directly on the die.  This can lower processor temperatures by 5-10c over delidding alone and even more when you consider a stock LGA 2066.

Rumor is these will be sold on Amazon at some point but are currently available at CaseKing assuming you live in Europe.

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