ASRock X470 Taichi @ Guru3D

When I was at Computex I saw plenty of motherboards but all but a small handful were already in production and available for purchase.  And, despite my enthusiast roots nobody wanted to show me the latest overclocking board or a high-end gaming board.  No, they wanted to show off the latest mining friendly systems.

So, what does that have to do with the X470 Taichi?  Nuffin just needed a catchy intro for someone "not" to read before not clicking on the link to view the review.

ASRock is back in da house, this time with the X470 Taichi. A motherboard that positions itself in the high-end range of X470, nicely built motherboard really and good looking is what it screams.

I'm curious.  What does "and good looking is what is screams"? really mean?  Does the motherboard make noise?  Lets find out.

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