FNATIC Streak Gaming Keyboard Review @ ThinkComputers

When it comes to keyboard designs you must ask yourself two questions.  Who is making this board? and when the company says they designed it themselves how much of it are they really designing??

My favorite keyboard of 2018 so far has been FNATIC’s miniStreak, which is their tenkeyless keyboard. I was so impressed with it, I gave it a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award! Today we have the larger, full-size version of that keyboard, the Streak. It offers a similar design, Cherry MX mechanical key switches, full RGB backlighting, and much more! Could this be my favorite full-sized keyboard? Read on as we find out!

We got to see some FNATIC gaming gear at CES last year and while they keyboards were really quite nice they weren’t all that special either.  Sure the branding was cool and they had hardware based macro support.  AZIO did hardware based macros quite some time ago and don't get me started on switch types!

If anything I'm just jealous that ThingComputers got a keyboard while I had actually met with the team and said, "hey send me a board"

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