HyperX launches a blistering fast 16GB RAM kit @ PCGamer

Ok, so I'm all about fast memory and generally speaking if you are looking for fast memory you can look towards GSKill to deliver some of the fastest and highest capacity memory kits on the market.  A close second would be Corsair but the problem with that company is availability.  For instance Corsair might build 5 kits at their halo speeds and then market the shit out of them only to give half away to some YouTube channel and sell the rest of some rich guy in China.

Of course that leaves the rest of us wondering what the hell happened.

Well, HyperX has joined the ranks and done built themselves a mega memory kit clocking in at DDR4-4600 @ 16GB.  Yes, that is two sticks, 8GB each and likely will ONLY run in special motherboards designed for memory overclocking with a properly binned Intel 9000 series processor. (Sorry, not sorry, AMD fans)

Paul over at PCGamer wrote a mock piece about this insane memory kit and it caught my attention.  Maybe it was the “edgy” wording or a carefully crafted article designed to beg for attention, either way I started reading.  In the article he talks about the basic specs, CL19 @ 1.5v.  This is interesting given that Normal "supported" DDR4 memory modules hover around 1.35v making these modules a bit special.  Basically they aren’t all that special but rather factory overclocked parts that will likely void your Intel CPU warranty.  Of course he also talks about how you could lower the speed to 4000Mhz to tighten the timings and lower the voltage.  Neither will help the warranty situation but will increase overall stability considerably.

In any event, the 16GB Predator DDR4-4266 is available now direct from HyperX, while the DDR4-4600 kit is up for preorder on Amazon. So if you're looking for every last bit of performance, or maybe if you're hoping to set an overclocking record, have at it. We won't judge.

Personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these kits.  I highly doubt that HyperX will send one to me but, I am hopeful, that is assuming they don't follow the Corsair model and have them sold before anyone can verify their claims.

No, I'm pretty sure these modules are real and designed for show supporting a negative profit margin in hopes of getting some of that social media exposure with that "hello world" message indicating that they can do performance memory too.

But, those are just my thoughts

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