CORSAIR Hydro X Series XD3 Pump/Reservoir Combo @ TechPowerUp

I got to see some of this gear during Computex and was really impressed with what they came up with.  Sure the system is larger than it needs to be and the RGB can be way over the top but, it moves water and that is all most people will care about.

CORSAIR adds to their Hydro X series of custom watercooling products with their second pump/reservoir combo. The all-new Hydro XD3 uses a Xylem DDC and a lower profile form factor to complement the taller Hydro XD5 that used the Xylem D5, and adds more RGB while sticking with the same excellent installation options.

I do like how they elected to use the DDC and D5 pumps in their pump/res combo.  That makes flow and head pressures easy to evaulate and replace if needed.

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