Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Master Motherboard and Intel Core i9-11900K CPU @ Funky Kit

What is this,  Rocket Lake on the Z490??  Say it ain't so plucky!!

I really enjoyed reviewing the Z490 AORUS Master. This motherboard worked perfectly with the new 11th gen 11900K. No need in upgrading to a new motherboard. Just update your bios and you are ready to go!

OMG, what a lackluster quote.  It is almost like "we know" that very few sites actually post a quote with the web review news so why bother including any helpful text.  Well, I do and I demand more!

By the looks of it, the new processor is a drop-in replacement for the "faster" Core i9 10900k giving you fewer cores and the title of "king of the 11th Gen".  I might have to try this out.  I mean Intel did say they weren’t going to do any more Tick Tock BS so this 100% should not be possible.

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