System76 Launch - A Very Well Built, Highly Configurable, Open-Source Keyboard @ Phoronix

What is this?  an Open Source keyboard??  I hope it works out better than something silly like an open source test bench or open source software they charge you to use.

Last month System76 launched their Launch Configurable Keyboard. They sent over this new open-source keyboard for some brief testing and I must say the build quality has been top notch and while this is their first keyboard they are bringing to market, with their US manufacturing expertise that began with their Thelio computer cases, it has carried forward with their Launch keyboard. This keyboard is beautifully crafted and among the most durable (and heaviest) keyboards I've used in the past two decades. It reminds me of the IBM Model M from a quality perspective but with its own unique advantages.

I'm not sure about the double space bar but the rest of this compact super square keyboard looks pretty good.  It even has RGB!!

Be sure to check out the review for more information.

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