Funky Kit Review - ASRock B550 PG Riptide Motherboard

In my entire hardware review career I have only reviewed a single ASRock motherboard.  It was the ASRock Z87 OC Formula Overclocking Motherboard and was actually quite good.  Sadly, (well not really) I gave it away as one of the prizes in a website promotion giveaway and made an entire family happy.

Thing is, getting that board was like pulling teeth and after the review went live they ghosted me.  I didn't think the review was that bad but, maybe it was.

Funky Kit has a pretty good review up on the ASRock B550 PG Riptide that might be worth checking ouf if you are in to the whole "AMD" thing and don't mind "B" grade chipsets.

If you're planning to build a AMD-based gaming PC, and want an affordable motherboard that does the job ... then the ASRock B550 PG Riptide is your answer. It offers great value for money with good performance, and a decent amount of features to match.

The board is pretty bare but, as I have been told you can't see the fancy covers once the solid side panel goes on.  happy smile

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