Funky Kit Review - AOC AGON GH401 Wireless Gaming Headset

Who ever knew that putting speakers on your head would be more than a nerdy fad.  These days we have everything from in-ear versions to large clams that encompass the majority of your head space with support for simulated surround sound, mono and the popular stereo.

Of course, gaming headsets are a little different in that they also include a microphone so you can talk smack to your gaming buddy’s and ask that one girl in your crew if she has a boyfriend.  For years, headphones were nothing but an anchor to your gaming rig which required a wire and some serious discipline to your bathroom breaks.

Well dance in your seat no more thanks to the AOC AGON GH401 Wireless Gaming Headset.  Not only can you continue making girls uncomfortable asking them to do stuff to your junk but you can do it from the comfort of your bathroom.  The best of both worlds.

The GH401 is the latest and greatest offering from AOC AGON. This headset offers the wireless connection so many of us prefer. You can expect the same great sound as you would get from a wired headset!  

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