AMD FidelityFX FSR 3.1 Review - Frame Generation for Everyone @ TechPowerUp

As GPUs get more powerful there becomes an increasingly larger cache unused potential.  NVIDIA used this to start manipulating the visual output.  First it was the generation of 3D images which later became Frame Generation, Upscaling and DLSS.  Granted some of those tasks were dedicated to specific sections of the chip, or could be considered a completely separate processor (similar to early PhysX)

One of the biggest contributors to overall Frame Per Second (FPS) performance is Upscaling.  This is the process of taking a smaller image and making it larger with extra points for when the upscaled image looks better than the source.  Combine that with Frame Generation and you can make a substandard POS computer have playable framerates without a major hit in image quality.

AMD's new FidelityFX Super Resolution 3.1 update (FSR 3.1) features improvements to upscaling quality and Frame Generation. It is now possible to run FSR Frame Generation without any upscaling, or combine it with DLSS, which finally gives GeForce 30 gamers a framegen option.

I'm not sure if the provided "quote" is correct but, the article seems to clear things up and even provides examples.

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