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  • The $109 Console-killer GPU: AMD's Radeon R7 260 Graphics Card Reviewed @ Techgage

    When it comes to video cards you have two basic choices,  Go for the card that will provide you the best performance -or- Go with the card that is realistic for your needs. 

    No one should be surprised at the fact that testing out $500 graphics cards is fun, but with the right perspective, budget cards can be, too. Take the $109 AMD Radeon R7 260, for example, which has debuted following flagship console releases. With that in mind, let’s see what such an affordable GPU can pull off at the much-loved 1080p resolution.

    I have to agree with Techgage on how they positioned this video card.  It isn't a powerhouse but can play games at 1080p which is exactly what most users "need".  The card won't bring home any FPS trophies but when you consider PC vs Console this card wins the performance award and is really well priced.

  • Cougar MX500 Mid Tower @ PureOverclock

    What is in a name?  Phone describes a device that allows you to talk into it, Mouse describes many things from a small furry rodent to a device to move a cursor on a computer and well, Cougar could be a large cat, an attractive wealthy older lady looking to get lucky or could simply be the name of a parts mfg who happens to make cases.

    Various price points exist for different ranges of computer case products, though lately several manufacturers have taken to the notion that the ratio of paying less for getting less is too heavily skewed in favor of paying less for getting nowhere near enough for your money. Cougar figures it’s their turn to toss another chip into the stack of affordably-priced gamer cases with the introduction of the MX500 mid tower case. Said to be a sleek, modern designed gaming tower, does this offer gamers the features they crave without breaking the bank? Let’s dig in and find out.

    I cannot say I am all that impressed with the case but, I'm sure someone will buy one thinking the small fan on the side will actually do something good.

  • ECS GANK MACHINE Z87H3-A2X EXTREME (Intel LGA 1150) @ techPowerUp

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I'm really surprised at this review.  Either the reviewer is drinking the koolaid or ECS has finally released a solid motherboard that does more than just look good. 

    I will admit I saw GANK boards at Computex and was a little suprised at the effort they put in to support multi gpu gaming and overclocking.  LGA 1150 overclocking isn't all that difficult so it really comes down OC controls and layout.

    Like a mad rush of level 60 rogues, the ECS GANK MACHINE launches its assault on the Intel Haswell platform in a way no other would even attempt, going straight for the kill. Built with gaming in mind, and a bit of overclocking, too, the ECS GANK MACHINE not only surprised me, but left me feeling helpless, and under-skilled.

    Sadly, this is still an ECS motherboard so I won't go out of my way to pick one up for testing.  But, I am not against doing a review and seeing how it measures up against a Gigabyte Z87X-OC or EVGA Z87 Classified.

  • Asylum: Review Block - Board Cards and Stuff

    I swore myself off review blocks but they are so darn easy I just can't help myself

    - Gigabyte G1.Sniper 5 Mainboard Review on Technic3D
    - GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z87 Gaming Motherboard Review @ HardwareHeaven
    - Gigabyte G1.Sniper A88X Mainboard Review on Technic3D

    Video Cards
    - ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum Review
    - XFX R7950 Double Dissipation Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews
    - Palit GTX 780 Ti JetStream 3 GB @ techPowerUp

    Stuff Here and There
    - Fractal Design ARC MINI R2 Micro-ATX Mid Tower Chassis Review @ MissingRemote
    - Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 Chassis Review @ OCIA
    - ADATA DashDrive Elite SE720 128GB External SSD @ Custom PC Review
    - AMD A10 6790K Review @ HCW

    More news to come, and I only say that to trick Google in indexing this page.

  • The First NVIDIA GeForce Benchmarks On The SteamOS Beta @ Phoronix

    The hot new OS of the winter (and new year) will be SteamOS.  As you can imagine this is a Linux based distro designed for playing Steam games.  The footprint promises to be light making it a perfect OS for MiniITX systems that don't require much power or heat.

    A comprehensive performance comparison is underway at Phoronix that pits SteamOS against other desktop Linux distributions, but for those anxious to see some performance numbers, here are benchmarks done so far this weekend from seven NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards on the public SteamOS 1.0 Beta operating system. In this article are early benchmarks from seven NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards running Valve's Debian Linux based SteamOS on an Intel Haswell system.

    Of course the question of performance always comes to mind and if it is worth building a SteamOS box or picking an off the shelf Linux distro and "rolling your own".

  • 120mm Water Cooler Round Up Part 2 - Looking Inside @ Legit Reviews

    Readers of this site will know that when I do a cooler review I focus primarily on thermal performance and how that would impact the usability of the product.  Well, when you are really hardcore you tear a cooler apart to find out what makes it function.

    As you can imagine the construction of a watercooler can impact performance but Asetek and CoolIt pretty much set the standard for everyone else to follow.  Knowing that we can make the assumption that breaking a cooler down serves no purpose than to see what makes them tick.

    Last week we looked at of four all-in-one water coolers and found the performance results were quite similar, as were the coolers. With this thought, and some comments made, we started to wonder how similar the coolers really were. Remember, mom always said it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

    I'm not convinced that doing this resolved anything that couldn't have been determined by simply using the cooler but, I did check out every page if that says anything.

  • Introducing the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition

    December 12th, 2013 – Introducing the ultimate overclocking graphics card on the planet – the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N  Edition! EVGA is taking the 780 Ti to a whole new level with this redesigned graphics card, designed for the hardcore enthusiast.  This card is the final answer in the search for the greatest overclocking graphics card on the planet.

    Supporting up to 450W of dedicated GPU power, enhanced PLL circuitry, improved GPU power plane, 10CM fans, included backplate, optional PWM baseplate, GPU voltage enhancements and more – this was co-designed by the world’s top extreme overclockers Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido and Tsemenko “TiN” Illya with extreme overclockers in mind. Built by the enthusiast, for the enthusiast.

    “In order to break world records these days you need some serious hardware,” said Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido. “This card was engineered to serve one purpose… be the world’s best overclocking graphics card. Expect GPU clockspeeds at over 1.85GHz with extreme cooling.”

    “With the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition graphics card, we focused on the basic demands that are needed when doing extreme overclocking,” said Illya “TiN” Tsemenko. “Capable hardware design and heavy power delivery capacity is key for performance dominance and theultimate gaming experience. So too is a unique power convertor able to provide over 450W of clean voltage for every kind of overclocking!”

    The EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition is coming soon, and will be the first product to be featured in the EVGA Build to Order (BTO) program. More details on this program and availability will be announced soon.


    • Up to 450W of Dedicated GPU Power – Dual 8pin + 6pin power input provides up to 450W of clean power.
    • 14+3 Phase Power Design – 14 power phases for the GPU, and an additional 3 power phases for the memory.
    • EVGA ACX Cooling with 10CM Fans – K|NGP|N inspired cooling design featuring dual 10CM fans.
    • Bundled Backplate – Custom EVGA backplate included.
    • Separate PWM Baseplate – When going with extreme cooling on the GPU, it is still optimal to cool the PWMs. This separate baseplate allows you to keep the critical power section cool.
    • Enhancement PLL Circuitry – Optimized for extreme cooling.
    • Probelt with Bundled DMM Adapter and Status LEDs – Easy and precise monitoring of voltage health using external DMM. Onboard voltage status LEDs provide realtime voltage status for every critical rail.
    • Pitch Black High Flow I/O Bracket – Improved airflow with great aesthetics.
    • XOC Voltage Modification Points – Allows for extreme voltage tuning.

    World Record Performance:

    Learn more at

    About EVGA
    EVGA is the #1 NVIDIA authorized partner in channel sales throughout North America and UK. Based on the philosophy of intelligent innovation, market knowledge, and the real time operation, EVGA continues to identify the need in the market place and providing the solution to that need. By offering product differentiation, 24/7 tech support, a 90 day Step-Up program, and other customer focused programs, EVGA is a clear leader in all categories: etail, retail, distribution, and system integration. With headquarters in Brea, CA, EVGA’s global coverage includes EVGA GmbH in Munich, EVGA LATAM in Miami, and EVGA Hong Kong. For further information online about EVGA, visit:

  • Lawyers Investigate EA Over Battlefield 4 Problems

    Oh now this is flipping awesome!

    It would appear that EA is now being investigated over some of the statements it made during the pre-release of Battlefield 4.  The article indicates that this shouldn't be considered a lawsuite "yet" but rather an look into some of the complaints from players about shoddy servers and DLC issues and how that impacts investor dollars, or, in this case, the lack of return on what was invested.

    Specifically, the firm will investigate whether EA complied with "federal securities laws" when making public statements regarding Battlefield 4 between the days of July 24 and December 4 2013.

    "The investigation focuses on statements issued during that time regarding the development and sales of the Company's Battlefield 4 video game and the game's impact on EA's revenue and projects moving forward," read a press release issued by the firm. The release then goes on to encourage those who suffered losses on EA common stock purchased between those dates to be in touch.

    I know this won't teach them to make a better game but we can hope that eventually the COD syndrome will finally come to an end.

  • Cooler Master Cosmos SE ATX Tower Case Review @ Modders-Inc

    For those that are unaware I reviewed the super ultra mega Cosmos II tower not too long ago and found to be one of the most extreme cases you could buy.  It comes with tons of space inside, lots of storage locations and carry handles to help you move the monster.

    The biggest problem was also its strength, which was size.  Modders-Inc has posted are view of a much smaller version of the same case called the Cosmos SE.

    The Cosmos SE is the full size Cosmos little brother. The Cosmos SE is packs a massive amount of features into a small package.  The case is modded from the factory, but there is so much more to be done.

    Don't get me wrong, I love larger towers but when it comes to building a functional machine in a functional case you can't go wrong with a mid-tower design like the Cosmos SE.

  • SilverStone Fortress FT04 @ Phoronix

    the new "04" generation Fortress and Raven cases have been a long time in the making and appear to be well worth the wait.  Both case designs feature flipped motherboard configurations with the processor at the bottom of the case, expansion cards out the back and PSU at the top.  The front of these cases both have twin 180mm fans and promise to be the best cooling cases on the market.

    Phoronix has a review of the new FT04 and they seem to like it.

    When it comes to hardware reviews after reviewing CPUs, GPUs, and SSDs under Linux, one of my personal favorites is always looking at SilverStone's latest and greatest computer cases. While their enclosures have nothing to do with the operating system, so many of their designs are incredible and innovative that they're always fun checking out. The latest ATX enclosure I've had the honor of looking at is the SilverStone Fortress FT04.

    I'll be reviewing the new Raven 4 this month and afterwards plan to do a full system build using it.  I'm still trying to figure out how to shoehorn a 360 (Dual 180mm) rad into one of these cases, I know it can be done but, something will get lost in the process.