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  • The State of VR Gaming and Occulus Quest Hands On
  • The State of VR Gaming and Occulus Quest Hands On


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 38:07

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    Originally recorded March 2020

    Show Notes

    For years we have talked about VR gaming and kept asking if it was time to jump on the bandwagon.  Making the jump is a dangerous thing where you can get bitten by the early adoption monster.  However, without early adopters there isn’t much to build on.

    Well it’s been years since the first Occulus release and the technology has advanced quite well to the point where you can get a full VR Experience in what amounts to a mobile phone.  Of course you can get higher resolution and more gaming options from a tethered device and, maybe that is the way to go, but there is a reason the Occulus Quest is really popular right now and sold extremely well over the holidays.

    It is good!

    As the technology starts to catch up the question isn’t about if VR is going to go away but rather what niche will VR fill.  Games and video content are obvious stepping stones to bigger things like augmented reality and the speculated replacement for Home Theater setups using expensive projectors and high end sound systems.

    Time will tell, and until then you might as well pick one up and watch for better ones to hit the market.

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    Episode 109 featured music:
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