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  • A Real World Review of the EGO Power+ LM21355P Electric Lawn Mower
  • A Real World Review of the EGO Power+ LM21355P Electric Lawn Mower


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 34:25

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    Originally recorded July 2021

    Show Notes

    For this podcast extra it was decided to venture away from the computer tech and talk about something new, namely the importance of lawn care.  Many of us have lawns that we must maintain and due to peer pressure from the Post War era the care and maintenance of your lawn has become the ultimate status symbol.  A poorly maintained lawn reflects badly and labels you as a lazy bastard hell bent on being “that guy/gal”.  On the opposite a healthy lawn that is regularly maintained can go a long way, it may not get you laid on a Saturday night but, it doesn’t hurt.

    The lawn maintenance sudo standard has created an entire industry of lawn care products from things to help your lawn grow to ways of controlling your lawn to make it look respectable easy to care for.  These might include edge trimmers, string trimmers, lawn chemicals, sprinklers and the famed Lawn mower.  You can find these devices with a variety of power plants from human powered, electric and even gas/fuel/petrol/etc. 

    Growing up Dennis has seen, and used, many different types of lawn mowers though is a strong proponent of gas-powered mowers.  That isn’t to say that electric lawn mowers are bad but when caring for neighbor lawns he has even seen quite a few electric mowers tucked away into dark corners of garages and sheds.  Ironically these were very industrial looking devices with a heavy-duty motor mounted to a metal deck that drove either a single or dual cutting blades.  These electric mowers required a cord making them economical to run but extremely difficult to operate.  Eventually they all simply were put in a corner to be forgotten about.

    Gas-powered mowers solved all of the problems with early electric mowers by allowing you to carry the fuel source and with proper care, they were easy to operate and extremely powerful allowing you to tame any lawn and decide how you wanted to take care of the clippings.

    Battery operated lawn care machines have been around for years and their biggest detractor has always been battery life and while advances in battery technology have allowed batteries to deliver more power you still need efficient devices to make the best use of what power you have. 

    It is this balance that is the focus of Dennis’s real-world review of his EGO Power+ Electric Lawn Mower where he talks about the important aspects of the product and not simply the stuff you can read in the manual.

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