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  • Why you need a 3D Printer and the Building of Custom PC Parts
  • Why you need a 3D Printer and the Building of Custom PC Parts


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 34:39

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    Originally recorded August 2021

    Show Notes

    Why you should get a 3D Printer for PC Mods
    People who have listened to the Hardware Asylum Podcast and previous Ninjalane Podcast will know that both Dennis and Darren are highly accomplished computer modders having gotten their starts early in the enthusiast PC experience modding the original beige boxes to not only create new case designs but also to transform them into something completely new.

    In the early days of computer modding the creation of custom case parts was rather complicated and often required skills that people rarely learn these days.  A Dremel tool could be used to cut new fan holes, side windows and even reshape entire chassis designs while paint could be used to make it all look pretty again.  Most of these processes were “subtractive” in that you start with something and remove bits to create what you need.  However, adding parts back was a little more difficult and is where all but the most skilled modders would stop.

    3D Printing offers a way to change all of that.  No longer do you need to modify a faceplate when you can create a completely new one.  In the retro PC world, many plastic parts are damaged, missing and difficult to source.  3D Printing is one way to repair and replace these parts and even gives you an option to improve the design to meet your needs.

    In this episode the Duo talk about a highly modified Creality CR 10s and give their best tips and tricks to getting the most from your 3D Printing experience while later Dennis talks about a new project he is working on related to the Hardware Asylum Vault series on YouTube which involves ways to modernize retro PCs for better performance while still offering the “purity” that most retro PC builders demand in a project.

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    Episode 127 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)