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  • The Important Things to Know about Alder Lake
  • The Important Things to Know about Alder Lake


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 29:42

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    Originally recorded November 2021

    Show Notes

    The last couple years have been really tough when it comes to computer hardware and while we feel that things are getting better from an availability standpoint there isn’t much in the way of innovation.  A good example is Rocket Lake.  This processor was released early this summer and wasn’t widely available and because of this there wasn’t a strong message as to why anyone needed to buy it.  Review samples were difficult to obtain and performance was typical of a Comet Lake.

    It wasn’t until later that we discovered the true nature of Rocket Lake and how it was an incremental processor release intended to showcase that Intel could support PCI Express 4.0 and that was about it.

    In November of 2021 Intel launched Alder Lake which promises to be an amazing processor for performance and gaming while also offering a way for the entire system to be power efficient.  This is due in part to the hybrid processor package with Performance and Efficiently cores and a slightly skewed core count and two sets of thermal and frequency numbers.

    What remains to be seen is the true nature of Alder Lake considering that the only processors to be released are K editions and only occupy the enthusiast level of the processor hierarchy.  In a way this seems like another Rocket Lake release but with more flair.

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