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  • The Hackfort 2022 Special Recording Session
  • The Hackfort 2022 Special Recording Session


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Rob Wakeley
    Time: 29:29

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    Originally recorded March 2022

    Show Notes

    In this special Hardware Asylum Podcast Extra Dennis had one a live podcast recording during Hackfort 2022.  The podcast stage was located in a back corner of the Hackfort Expo center and featured a panel style setup with the presenters on a stage along with room for Hackfort attendees to sit and watch the show live.

    Of course, this is different from what we normally do.  With only a few exceptions the Hardware Asylum (and Ninjalane) Podcast is recorded in the Hardware Asylum Labs Building 2, aka the garage.  The room is relatively untreated but, we record on R0de Procaster Dynamic microphones which helps keep the noise level down.  As you can imagine there are the occasional interruptions such as a car driving by or the neighborhood kids playing basketball down the street.  Because of this we often stop recording and pick up again once the coast is clear.

    This was not a luxury when doing a live recording and strangely enough the entire show went off without a hitch.

    Please sit back and enjoy this candid discussion with Rob Wakeley.  Rob had just finished his Hackfort presentation on the use of computers in early business.  His presentation started with the Apple II and while this particular computer was designed for the home user it was powerful enough to do real work in an office environment, which a few notable limitations.  Later during his presentation he talked about one of his solutions for thwarting check fraud that involved an IBM PC, some custom software and a check scanner that not only recorded the check but also verified that the check was authentic.

    Episode 134 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)