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  • What Advice Would We Give to a First Time PC Builder and How to Build a PC
  • What Advice Would We Give to a First Time PC Builder and How to Build a PC


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 38:13

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    Originally recorded April 2023

    Show Notes

    As highly technical computer users we often get questions about how to build a computer.  Having gone through the motions for just about every product reviewed on Ninjalane.com and Hardwareasylum.com I would say we are a highly qualified authority on the subject and yet it pains us to see bad advice being passed around. 

    This is why the edgy social medial post from bequiet is so interesting.  The question is simple.

    “What advice would you give to someone building their first PC?”

    On the surface it seems like a pretty cut and dry question.  However, experts often forget that people only know what they know and while “we” might have learned one way that doesn’t mean everyone is able to do the same.

    In this episode Dennis and Darren pick a few responses from the social media post and discuss how valid or utterly stupid they are.  Many of the responses also echo the actual experiences of the poster while others even reflect on “where” in the world that person is located.  While these seem harmless you can learn a lot from what people have to say about a particular topic.

    At the end of this episode the duo breakdown what you actually need to know about building a PC and even go step by step on the assembly process.  There is many references to “reading” and RTFM so be warned, if you are looking for a hand out, you will find only clenched fists.

    This is for your own good and in the interest of keeping the show topical and easy to digest.

    As always if you have questions feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment on our social media platforms.

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